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A day in the life of a European child

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1 A day in the life of a European child
Grundschule „Juri Gagarin“ Stralsund Germany

2 We go up at six o'clock or half past six.
We have breakfast and than we go to school. Some of us walk to school, some go by bike or by bus.

3 We have to be at school at quarter past 7.
Our first lesson starts at half past 7. We have two lessons until ten past 9. Our subjects are: Mathematic, German language, English, Music, Science , Physical education, Religion, Art and craft.

4 During the break we like to have a healthy breakfast. We like reading books. At the moment we take part on a competition, about reading books. In the internet you can answer questions about books you have read.

5 Twice a day we have bigger breaks.
Than we go outside to have fresh air and to play on our playground.

6 The most favourite lessons for the 9 and 10 years old children
are swimming lessons. We go swimming once a week in the „Hanse Dom“, a swimming pool near our school. That is fun!!!

7 At ten past one o'clock school ends for most of us.
We can have lunch at school. We leave school at half past one. Some of us go home. Some go to a Nursery school, while the parents are working.

8 In the afternoon we go to
sports clubs or we learn to play an instrument. Some of us do it at our school and some go to a club in town. We also have a chess club at our school.

9 In the afternoon we also have to do
homework for school. After finishing homework we can go and meet friends. Playing with friends is nice. At about seven o'clock we have dinner in our families. Around eight o'clock we go to bed.

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