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Grammar: The “HAVE” Verb

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1 Grammar: The “HAVE” Verb

2 The Verb: HAVE Describes: Possessions. I have a book.
The dog has a ball. Things you need to do. I have to wash the floor. She has to do her homework.

3 The Verb: HAVE Rules: Is this sentence OK? HAVE HAS She have a kitten.
She has a kitten. So: How do we know when to use HAVE or HAS? HAVE HAS

4 The Verb: HAVE Practice: Mr. Dale ________________ a cup of coffee.
Leanne ______________ math homework. Leanne and Mary ___________ a little dog. We ______________ to clean the floor. I _____________ a little key for the door. The owl ______________ tiny eyes. She ____________ a backpack on the floor. He ______________ to know the answer. has has have have have has has has

5 The Verb: HAVE – In the Past
Rules: Is this sentence OK? Yesterday, he has a ball. Yesterday, he had a ball. In the PAST the verb to have becomes “had”. 1. They had a great time at the beach. The cat has a mouse. We had a car last year. Yesterday she had a headache. 5. Today, she has a headache.

6 The Verb: Past and Present
Practice: I _________________ a blue car now. Last year we _______________ a green car. My teacher ____________ a blue shirt today. Yesterday he _____________ a yellow shirt. OH, no! My cup _________ a broken handle. They _____________ a test yesterday. My controller ____________ a dead battery. Wow. Mr. Dale ___________ short hair. have had has had has have has has

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