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NEXT 15 20 25 510 Definitions Books Periodicals Web Misc. 5 5 5 5 10 15 20 25 20.

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9 15 20 25 510 Definitions Books Periodicals Web Misc. 5 5 5 5 10 15 20 25 20

10 A list of the contents of a library or a group of libraries, including books, AV materials, etc. Show Answer

11 What is a catalog? Back to Board

12 Show Answer A publication that comes out on a regular schedule (weekly, monthly, quarterly.)

13 What is a periodical? Back to Board

14 A list of all the sources an author used in writing up their research. Show Answer

15 What is a bibliography? Back to Board

16 Show Answer The necessary information about a book, article, or web site so that a reader can find a reference used in a research article. May be done in MLA or APA format.

17 What is a citation? Back to Board

18 An explanatory note added to a citation that contains information about the author, a brief summary and an evaluative statement Show Answer

19 What is an annotation? Back to Board

20 After finding a title in the catalog, what’s needed to find the book in the library. Show Answer

21 What is a call number? Back to Board

22 Show Answer What you need to present to check out a book from the Marvin Library.

23 What is a student id? Back to Board

24 Call number: REF PZ1215.P75 2004 is found in what section of the library? Show Answer

25 What is the Reference Collection? Back to Board

26 Name three types of books available at/through the Marvin Library Show Answer

27 What are books, e-books and reference books? Back to Board

28 Show Answer What you use when you need a book or journal article that HVCC does not own, but other libraries do.

29 What is InterLibrary Loan (ILL)? Back to Board

30 How Marvin Library provides access to most of our periodical subscriptions? Show Answer

31 What is a research database? Back to Board

32 Name 3 types of periodicals. Show Answer

33 What are scholarly journals, popular magazines, trade journals, or newspapers? Back to Board

34 is an example of what kind of periodical? Show Answer

35 What is a popular magazine? Back to Board

36 is an example of what type of periodical? Show Answer

37 What is a scholarly journal? Back to Board

38 Why is it often required that you use scholarly journals for your research? Show Answer

39 Scholarly journals are: -reviewed by peers -not influenced by advertising -contain original research Back to Board

40 What do you use to combine words into a phrase so that Google or a database searches for them together? Show Answer

41 What are quotation marks? Back to Board

42 Information on the web must be reviewed by an expert before it can be posted. True or false? Show Answer

43 What is false? Back to Board

44 What information can you gather about at site with this URL: http://www.envdata.u http://www.envdata.u Show Answer

45 What is published by a government agency? Back to Board

46 Can you cite Wikipedia in a research paper? Show Answer

47 No—but it is useful for finding keywords and its list of sources may lead your to articles/books/web sites that you can use for research Back to Board

48 What part of Google will help you find academic resources for a research paper? Show Answer

49 What is Google Scholar? Back to Board

50 Show Answer Name two types of citation styles used in this class

51 What are APA or MLA? Back to Board

52 Paraphrasing or quoting from a source without providing a citation is… Show Answer

53 What is plagiarism? Back to Board

54 Show Answer This compiles in one or two sentences the argument or analysis that will be thoroughly explored in the body of the paper

55 What is a thesis statement? Back to Board

56 Name two places you need to provide citation information in a research paper Show Answer

57 What is the Works Cited or References page and what is in the body of the text (in- text citation)? Back to Board

58 Name 3 things to consider when evaluating a source for a research paper Show Answer

59 What is -accuracy? -authority? -objectivity? -currency? Back to Board

60 Show Question

61 Where can you find help with all your research needs? Show Answer 302928272625242322212019181716151413121110987654321

62 The Library! Back to Board

63 Big Board Facts © 2010 Jeff Ertzberger All rights reserved. All Clipart copyright– All Rights Reserved. Some images have been modified from original This presentation may not be sold, or redistributed in any form without written permission of the author. For even more template games and great resources visit: By using this game you are agreeing to our terms of use.terms of use End

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