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Hickey2/12/20141 CORC CORC Cooperative Online Resource Catalog T. Hickey.

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1 Hickey2/12/20141 CORC CORC Cooperative Online Resource Catalog T. Hickey

2 Hickey2/12/20142 What are Libraries Doing? u Creating Web portal sites –Handcrafted pages –Access to library supported services –Links to interesting pages and services –Subject guides u Adding Web resources to local catalogs






8 Hickey2/12/20148 Libraries Need u Cheap and easy source for –Link selection –Link maintenance –Link descriptions –Subject oriented pages

9 Hickey2/12/20149 Our Strengths u OCLC name and history u WorldCat, FirstSearch, Prism u Dewey Decimal Classification u NetFirst, InterCat u Dublin Core, RDF leadership u Mantis, SiteSearch u Programming and Web expertise

10 Hickey2/12/201410 Cooperative Online Resource Catalog u Pilot project for Web based resource description u Providing –Automated selection, classification –Cooperative creation and maintenance –Standards and procedures for sharing u Needs to immediately benefit participants

11 Hickey2/12/201411 Approach u Build within the Mantis framework u Use US-MARC and Dublin Core u Allow mixing of local and shared u Promote easy upgrades to records u Develop standards as needed for sharing u Emphasize automation, use by libraries

12 Hickey2/12/201412 Support and Organization u Grow to 100+ participants u Hold meeting every 3-4 months u Use a listserv for daily communication u Emphasis on OCLC Members u Require time or quantity commitment u Training support from OCLC Institute?

13 Hickey2/12/201413 Outputs u Dynamically generated pathfinder pages u Static pathfinder pages u Metadata records for local systems –RDF/BER/MARC/HTML u Catalog of metadata records –Z39.50 access –Web interface(s) for searching

14 Hickey2/12/201414 The Catalog u Seeded with –NetFirst and InterCat records –Harvested links –Other collections u Use standards as needed

15 Hickey2/12/201415 Cataloging Support u Rich set of files mounted –Thesauri, DDC, LCSH, LC NAF u Selection of resources u Creation and editing of metadata u TechPro on call

16 Hickey2/12/201416 What Can be Automated u Link, page, site selection u Initial descriptions u Classification u Subject headings u Page creation u Link maintenance

17 Hickey2/12/201417 Selection u Sophisticated Harvesting –Subject based –Site based –Topology based –Profiling

18 Hickey2/12/201418 Standardization u US-MARC –Subject headings –Classification –Name authorities –Site authorities u Dublin Core –Imported metadata –Short descriptions –Extend with controlled headings

19 Hickey2/12/201419 Site/Parent authority metadata u Encourage creation u Automatic generation u Optional submission to TechPro u Extended set of fields

20 Hickey2/12/201420 What Needs Cataloging? u Too many interesting Web pages u What are in the most need of cataloging? –Sites –Navigational pages –Electronic Journals –Other substantial resources

21 Hickey2/12/201421 Other Features u Page Registry u Page Archive

22 Hickey2/12/201422 Questions u How does local/shared metadata work? u Who can change records? u US-MARC/Dublin Core mixture u How well will the classification work? u Can we build useful pages? u Can we work out standards in a reasonable timeframe? u How important to recruit non-libraries?

23 Hickey2/12/201423 End of Project u Catalog made available to participants u Catalog kept online for one year u Archived pages kept online for two years

24 Hickey2/12/201424 Some Tasks u Classifier u Database seeding u Export modules u File mounting u Listserv administration u Local/shared issues u MARC module u Metadata editors u Page archive u Page registry u Participant orientation u Pathfinder builder u Pears integration u Search interfaces u Standards development u System administration u Unicode support u Update tracking

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