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Cabinet Departments of the Executive Branch

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1 Cabinet Departments of the Executive Branch
This is a Big Branch!!!

2 The Bureacracy The Office of the President (OMB, NSA, Office of Economic Advisors, etc...) The Federal Departments (The Cabinet) Independent Agencies (CIA, GSA, Federal Reserve, etc…) Over 3 million civil service employees who are all under strict regulation (Hatch Act)

3 Interesting Facts Executive Branch employees over 4 million people (approx. 1.5 million in military) Executive branch carries out / enforces laws of the legislative branch Busy Agency – Ordinary people doing work: FBI agent conducts investigation Soldier participates in training Worker monitors a nuclear power plant

4 State Carries out Foreign Policy
Supervises ambassadors and other US diplomats Represents the US at the United Nations

5 Treasury Collects taxes through the IRS
Prints money, postage stamps, and make coins Protects the President through the Secret Service

6 Defense Maintain armed forces Does research on weapons
Builds and maintains bases

7 Interior Manages national parks and public lands
Protects fish, wildlife, and other natural resources

8 Justice Investigates and prosecutes violations of federal law
Operates federal prisons Runs the FBI Represents the government in lawsuits

9 Agriculture Provides assistance to farmers
Inspects food processing plants Runs the food stamp and school lunch programs Works to control animal and plant diseases

10 Commerce Provides assistance to American business Conducts the census
Issues patents and trademarks

11 Labor Enforces labor laws (minimum wage, discrimination)
Helps with job training and unemployment programs Provides economic statistics

12 Health and Human Services
Directs Medicare Program / Obamacare Runs the FDA Runs the Public Health System Runs welfare

13 Housing and Urban Development
Help provide affordable housing Assists community development Gentrification

14 Transportation Helps state and local governments maintain highways
Enforces highway safety standards Operates the Coast Guard

15 Energy Conducts research on sources of energy
Promotes conservation and deals with shortages

16 Education Provides “assistance” to education programs
Conducts research and provide statistics on education Promotes equal access to education

17 Veteran’s Affairs Provides assistance to individuals that served the military

18 Homeland Security Created in response to 9/11
                             Created in response to 9/11 Designed to prevent terrorist attacks Minimize damage from attacks and natural disasters

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