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Country presentation - Kenya

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1 Country presentation - Kenya
Dr. Philip Owiti AMPATH, Kenya

2 Country situation - Kenya
Population (Kenya Demographic Health Survey,2010) 39.4 Million HIV prevalence (KDHS, 2010) 6% (adults 15-49yrs) First case diagnosed 1984 Number living with HIV (2008) >1.4m Number dead since 1984 Number dying daily >2m 600 AIDS declared national disaster 1999 TB/ HIV comorbidity (2010) 41% To present the basic stats about the situation of HIV in Kenya

3 Academic Model Providing Access To Healthcare AMPATH
Started in Nov 2001 as Academic Model for Prevention and Treatment of HIV/AIDS. Partners Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital Moi University Sch of Medicine Ministry of Health A consortium of North American Universities led by Indiana University Started as 2 sites, now 25 sites (in 3/8 provinces) Caring for 137, 413 HIV+ patients (sept 2007) 109,562 adults 27,851 children 81,680 on ARVs To use AMPATH to demonstrate a successful HIV care system Introducing AMPATH Partners and collaborations: parastatals (health facility and medical sch), international like minded partners and the MOH Extent/ coverage Patient base

4 AMPATH care services Provision of ARVs and other therapies
Prevention and Community Mobilization Fighting Hunger Fighting poverty and building Self-Sufficiency Agricultural Extension Services Helping Orphans AMPATH Medical Record System (AMRS) Home Couselling and Testing Primary Health Care & Maternal and Child Health Care Chronic Disease Management Research To underscore the need for a HIV care system to be comprehensive and innovative in its care services

5 AMPATH as the innovative arm of MOH
Lessons learnt A stand-alone HIV/TB program has a down side Demoralizes the other components of MOH care Other health threats in the community can dwarf HIV eg MCH,NCD Need for a responsive MOH care system; sustainability The infrastructure for HIV/TB can be leveraged to lift the entire health care system Integrate AMPATH with PHC, NCD PHC – MCH/FP, pediatrics, safe water, facility based pt care, village based pry care +++ NCD – DM, HPTN, Mental health, Oncology +++ Full partnership with MOH; the innovative arm of the gvt. Achor it all in an electronic medical record system (AMRS) To highlight the need for HIV care systems to steer forward the country’s health care system. A well thought of HIV care system can be used the innovative arm of the country’s health care system as under the MOH

6 The road is not without potholes…
The purpose of the slide is to underscore, in a second, the fact that multiple challenges have to be overcome in HIV care itself and also the integration with PHC and NCD

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