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Implementation, monitoring and review

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1 Implementation, monitoring and review
Sandagdorj Erdenebileg Chief Policy Development, Coordination, and Reporting Service UN-OHRLLS


3 Implementation, Monitoring and Review
Connecting for prosperity National level Global level Regional level Sub-regional level

4 Implementation, Monitoring, Review and Mutual Accountability
Follow-up monitoring mechanism a continuously evolving process to reinforce partnerships and mutual accountability LLDCs and Transit developing countries have to be mutually accountable for actions to improve transit processes Regional Reviews should be informed by the National Reviews Global Reviews should take into account Regional and Sub Regional Reviews and National inputs. National, Sub-regional and Regional Reviews will get feedback from Global Reviews to strengthen implementation and mutual accountability.

5 Implementation, Monitoring and Review
NATIONAL LEVEL LLDC governments should mainstream the new programme of Action into their national and sectoral development strategies. Implement and conduct regular reviews. SUB-REGIONAL LEVEL Sub-regional organizations are important for implementation and review Develop and implement priority projects for infrastructure development to improve connectivity and trade facilitation initiatives Mainstream the implementation of the Programme of Action into their relevant programmes of work 5

6 REGIONAL LEVEL The relevant United Nations regional economic commissions should undertake periodic reviews. Regional organizations, regional development banks, regional UN organizations should be broadly involved. LLDC Programme of Action should be mainstreamed into development assistance and funding. UN-OHRLLS 6

7 Biannual GA plenary interactive thematic dialogue.
AT GLOBAL LEVEL Annual review by the General Assembly of the implementation of the new Programme of Action: monitoring and insuring mutual accountability to achieve enhanced development outcome (Annual reports of the Secretary-General, matrix and indicators to measure progress of achievements and level of commitment). Biannual GA plenary interactive thematic dialogue. Governing bodies of the organizations of the UN system to mainstream the implementation of the Programme of Action within their programmes of work. Sectoral and thematic reviews. Better coordination and coherence in the UN system. UN-OHRLLS 7

8 The role of UN-OHRLLS - To assist the UN SG in ensuring the full mobilization and coordination of the UN system in the implementation, follow-up, monitoring and review To provide coordinated support to the GA reviews. - To mobilize international support and resources. - Monitor and report on the progress UN-OHRLLS

9 ... Thank you … UN-OHRLLS

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