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Business Letters Business Technology I.

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1 Business Letters Business Technology I

2 Business Documents In a business environment, people use documents to communicate with others. Business documents can include: Letters Memos Newsletters Proposals Resumes

3 Contents of Business Letters
You will all need to prepare a business letter at some point! Requests Inquiries Confirmations Acknowledgements Recommendations Notifications Responses Invitations Offers Referrals Complaints

4 Block Style There are two types of Business Letters.
Business Letters (Letterhead) Personal Business Letters (Without Letterhead) When all parts of a letter (including paragraphs) begin at the left margin, the document is arranged in BLOCK STYLE format. Block is widely used for both personal and business correspondence. MARGINS: Top: 2.00 Bottom: 1.00 Left/Right: 1.00

5 Basic Parts of a Business Letter
Return Address: In Business Letters, the Letterhead (return address) includes a company name, street address, city, state and ZIP code. Date: In Business Letters, key the date at the top margin (2.00) Letter Address: Key the first line of the letter address a QS (Quadruple Space) below the date. A personal title (Miss, Mr., Mrs., Ms.) or a professional title (Dr., Lt., Senator) is typically used before the receiver's name.

6 Basic Parts of a Business Letter
Salutation: Key the salutation (greeting) a DS (Double Space) below the letter address. Body: Begin the letter body (message) a DS below the salutation. Single space and block the paragraphs with a DS between them. Complimentary Close: Key the complimentary close (farewell) a DS below the last line of the body. Name of writer: Key the name of the writer (originator of message) a QS below the comp close. A job title or department name may be keyed on the line with the writer’s name, separated by a comma, or it may be keyed on the next line at the left margin. Signature Block: Sign your name in the QS after Complimentary Close.

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