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2011 Waste Reduction Toolkit and Campaign SWMCB 7/27/2011.

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1 2011 Waste Reduction Toolkit and Campaign SWMCB 7/27/2011

2 2011 SWMCB Work Plan: Communications and Outreach Expand the SWMCBs Rethink Recycling campaign by expanding the web site and expanding electronic marketing. Use public relations, advertising, and social media focused on waste and toxicity reduction, HHW, recycling, and organics to reach consumers and businesses. –Develop and promote one additional Rethink Recycling Campaign Toolkit and new materials for promoting reduction and recycling. –Integrate the toolkits into the overall communications strategy.

3 Development Timeline April Need for waste reduction resources identified by Communications Team Survey completed with partners to identify types of resources needed May Campaign toolkit sub-committee worked with Risdall to develop key messages that offered a fresh take on waste reduction Risdalls creative team developed campaign concept options June/ early July Commissioner input sought on campaign concept Campaign toolkit sub-committee is working with Risdall on resources to be developed and marketing planning

4 Campaign Overview Primary Audience: Adults 18-34 Key Idea: Simplify life and make it easier to manage whats important to you.

5 Waste Reduction Campaign






11 Current Project Budget: $27,300 Currently Planned Toolkit Resources Currently Planned Marketing/Advertising 1 Ad Concept (customizable for partners) Images (6) Short Articles (8) Pre-Written Social Media Posts Waste Reduction Facts Educational Presentation Facebook tab for LESS Facebook Ads Use of articles, images and facts on Rethink Recycling website

12 Proposal Increase the 2011 SWMCB Communications and Outreach budget for the development of additional toolkit resources to be utilized by the SWMCB and its partners in 2011 and in the future.

13 Proposed Funding Summary *Additional support from Hennepin County ($20,000) would also be utilized for marketing/advertising placement and toolkit resource development support. Budget Currently Approved 2011 Budget for Toolkit$27,000 Proposed Budget Amendment transferring $20,000 from Regional Policy to Communications and Outreach $20,000 Utilization of an additional $5,000 in the approved 2011 Communications and Outreach Budget $5,000 Total Proposed Waste Reduction Toolkit SWMCB Budget $52,000*

14 Proposed Resources and Advertising Proposed Toolkit Resources Proposed Marketing/Advertising One :60 video infomercial Three :15 video spots One :30 radio spot Television Radio Promotion of videos/radio spots via SWMCB social media efforts and Rethink Recycling website

15 Action Requested: Agenda Item #3b Approve, by special resolution, an amendment to the approved 2011 budget whereby the SWMCB would transfer $20,000 from the Regional Policy budget to the Communications and Outreach budget for expansion of the LESS campaign.

16 Amendment to Risdall Marketing Group Proposed amendment of $25,000 to the 2011 Risdall Marketing Group for the following services: –Expand creative development and production efforts to create interactive resources for the waste reduction campaign toolkit –Procure paid advertising for the waste reduction campaign

17 Action Requested: Agenda Item #3c Authorization for the Chair to negotiate and execute an amendment to the Agreement with Risdall Marketing Group for 2011 Advertising, Public Relations and Graphic Design services and to increase the contract maximum by $25,000 and add the above listed scope of services.

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