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Force and Motion Review.

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1 Force and Motion Review

2 Sir Isaac Newton 1642 – 1727 Laws of Motion

3 Potential Energy Kinetic Energy stored energy Energy in motion
You have potential energy- in your group come up with other examples- hands together / hands out Kinetic Energy Energy in motion

4 Forces cause objects to
A push or pull Forces cause objects to Speed up Slow down Change direction Stay on the ground Ball- push out

5 Balanced Forces no movement Unbalanced Forces movement Rope link

6 Inertia keep on doing what it’s doing At rest- stay at rest
In motion – stay in motion … until another force acts on it! cup

7 Momentum The amount of mass and the speed at which that mass is moving. More mass + more speed = more momentum More momentum = difficult to stop Race zoom hands

8 Gravity Gravity is a force that attracts objects together.
The larger an object’s mass, the greater the gravitational force The greater the distance between two objects, the smaller the gravitational force On earth, this force attracts everything to Earth People link pull down throw a ball

9 Friction Friction is a Force
The force between two objects in contact with each other. Friction is a Force Resistive force The force of friction works in the opposite direction of the force of motion Causes objects to slow down and/or stop Useful and wasteful friction Air Resistance- a larger surface area usually results in greater air resistance From Glencoe Physical Science Hands

10 Mass The greater the mass… The amount of matter
The more gravity pulls on it The greater the friction The greater the force required to move it The greater the inertia The more the momentum Rolling chair

11 Simple Machines Help increase your force to make work easier.
Help you move mass- env ex Force and Motion Jeopardy

12 Help you move mass- env ex

13 Help you move mass- env ex

14 Help you move mass- env ex

15 Help you move mass- env ex

16 Help you move mass- env ex

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