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Using Agricultural Chemicals Safely

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1 Using Agricultural Chemicals Safely
31.00 Interpret chemical labels to ensure safe pesticide application 32.00 Examine the agricultural chemical manual and its uses

2 Pesticide Any material used to control pests (plants or animals that are harmful to human beings or to the crops that they cultivate) May be natural or manmade

3 Types of pesticides Insecticides-used to control insects
Miticides-control mites (spider-like animals) and ticks Fungicides-controls fungal diseases Herbicides-kill unwanted plants and weeds Rodenticides-kill rodents, such as rats and mice

4 Types of Pesticides Nematocides-kill nematodes (tiny hairlike worms that feed on the roots of plants) Molluscicides-used to kill slugs and snails

5 Pesticide Safety Check the recommended uses to be sure it is the correct substance for the intended use. Have clean water and detergents available to wash spills.

6 Pesticide Safety Wear correct personal protective equipment (PPE)
gloves, respirator, coveralls, etc.

7 Pesticide Safety Use extra caution with concentrated chemicals
Apply the chemical with care Always mix just enough for the job at hand Consider weather conditions

8 Pesticide Safety Guard against inhalation or ingestion
Toxicity can occur by contact with: skin (dermal) eyes (ocular) mouth (oral) breathing Store and dispose of chemicals properly

9 Pesticide Safety The most important rule in pesticide safety is to read and follow all directions on the pesticide label because all other rules are included in this one

10 Pesticide Labels

11 Pesticide Labels All pesticide labels will include the following:
Name and address of manufacturer Trade Name Active ingredients including official common name or chemical name of each ingredient type of pesticide-herbicide, insecticide, fungicide, etc.

12 Pesticide Labels Form of substance-dust wettable powder, fumigant, etc. EPA registration number Storage and disposal precautions Hazard statement including “Keep out of reach of children” Directions for use-mixing, application, etc. Net contents

13 Pesticide Labels Statement of practical treatment stating what to do if a person swallows or is poisoned by spilling the chemical on the skin Worker protection procedures including reentry time on how long before a person can enter the treated area

14 Pesticide Labels Signal Words Caution-slightly toxic or non-toxic
Warning-moderately toxic Danger-has skull and crossbones symbol and poison on the label. Highly toxic, most poison or lethal dosage

15 Choosing Pesticides North Carolina Agricultural Chemicals Manual
May be purchased from NC State University May be viewed online at:

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