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Seamless MPLS draft-leymann-mpls-seamless-mpls-02.txt

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1 Seamless MPLS draft-leymann-mpls-seamless-mpls-02.txt
Nicolai Leymann, Thomas Beckhaus (DT) Wim Henderickx (Alcatel-Lucent) Clarence Filsfils (Cisco) Dirk Steinberg (Steinberg Consulting) Bruno Decraene (FT) 79th IETF, Beijing, China

2 draft-leymann-mpls-seamless-mpls-02
Architecture Changes Moving Forward

3 draft-leymann-mpls-seamless-mpls-02
Describes a scalable architecture To use MPLS in a large (100k nodes) AS splitted across IGP areas. Based on existing IETF protocols. No new protocols extensions. Provides end to end transport MPLS possible between any nodes  no need for service specific configuration on intermediate transport nodes.

4 LDP Downstream on Demand
Architecture Labeled BGP static Routing static default NH self NH unchanged Seamless MPLS AGS ABR ABR ISIS Level 1 AGS DSLAM DSLAM ISIS Level 1 ISIS Level 2 Label Distribution Labeled BGP LDP Downstream on Demand LDP DoD LDP 1.000 10.000

5 Use Cases Use Case #1 Redundancy in the access
PW for Business P2P Service Core Network AGN ABR AGN AN AN PW towards SC for RC Service Creation for Residential Customers

6 Changes -01 to -02 Added section on “Network Availability and Simplicity” IGP Convergence Per-Prefix LFA FRR Hierarchical data plane and BGP Prefix Independent Convergence BGP anycast Applicability Several editorial changes, fixed typos

7 Moving Forward Working Group Adoption Add Multicast Support

8 Thank You

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