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Seamless MPLS draft-leymann-mpls-seamless-mpls-01.txt

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1 Seamless MPLS draft-leymann-mpls-seamless-mpls-01.txt
Nicolai Leymann, Thomas Beckhaus (Deutsche Telekom) Bruno Decraene (France Telecom) Dirk Steinberg (Steinberg Consulting) 77th IETF, Anaheim, California

2 Structure (and Agenda) draft-leymann-seamless-mpls-01
Motivation Use Cases Architecture Deployment Scenarios Moving Forward

3 Motivation MPLS is a mature technology, deployed for over 10 years in backbone networks world wide stable, well known and flexible MPLS already moved from typical backbone deployments towards aggregation networks, e.g. many metro networks are based on MPLS technology delivering Ethernet based services Nevertheless, even using the same technology very often the different part of the network are not part of a common MPLS domain Some SP wish to integrate Access, Aggregation and Backbone into a single MPLS domain Building a very huge seamless MPLS platform, needs to make some important design decisions in using the well established protocols. Multiple options are possible. It would be easier for the whole industry if we collaborate to select a single preferred solution, to be implemented, scaled for and deployed. Especially for access nodes which may not (want to) implement all the possible capabilities of the whole MPLS feature set This should be done by this draft. This draft does not change any existing protocol.

4 Use Cases Description of general use cases, which has to be realized by end to end MPLS platform. Use Case #1 Redundancy in the access Redundancy in the access PW for Business P2P Service Core Network AGN ABR AGN AN AN PW towards SC for RC Service Creation for Residential Customers

5 Architecture/ Deployment Scenarios
Section „Architecture” should describe the general topics. Section DS describes special network implementations. As Albert Einstein, we have started with the special case. Labeled BGP static Routing static default NH self NH unchanged Seamless MPLS AGS ABR ABR ISIS Level 1 AGS DSLAM DSLAM ISIS Level 1 ISIS Level 2 Label Distribution Labeled BGP LDP Downstream on Demand LDP DoD LDP 1.000 10.000

6 Moving Forward Ask for feedback and discussion on the MPLS Mailing List Update (-02) planned for IETF78 Open Multicast for Seamless MPLS Security Considerations Architecture section

7 Thanks for the Contribution of
Clarence Filsfils (Cisco) Kireeti Kompella (Juniper) Wim Henderickx (Alcatel)

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