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1 NASA CEOP Status & Demo CEOS WGISS-25 Sanya, China February 27, 2008 Yonsook Enloe.

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1 1 NASA CEOP Status & Demo CEOS WGISS-25 Sanya, China February 27, 2008 Yonsook Enloe

2 2 NASA CEOP Project Background Purpose of NASA CEOP Prototype is to improve CEOP science community access to satellite data and to enable –Efficient access to satellite, model output, and field data –Inter-comparing values of the different data types emphasis on reference sites, specific monsoonal regions, specific observation periods Approach: Enable OPeNDAP client access to WCS Servers to facilitate access to satellite data –Protocol for data access Includes subsetting Endorsed as a NASA Earth Science Standard –Server Implementation: Hyrax –OPeNDAP Clients Especially popular among modelers Significant time investment in tools of choice

3 3 CEOP Data Access Prototype WCS Server Grid Data georectified NetCDF Web Coverage request OPeNDAP Server WCS Handler GrADS Live Access Server Ferret IDV IDL Matlab OPeNDAP request georectified spatial subset Analysis / Display Tools Approach: Enable existing tools to access data from Web Coverage Servers User Swath Data NCO

4 4 Project Goals and Accomplishments Developed design for the CEOP Satellite Data Server –Implement as handler module for type wcs within the OPeNDAP Hyrax architecture –Enables additional OPeNDAP clients accessing WCS servers Developed converter for HDF-EOS to NetCDF (CF-1) in WCS Server Applied to NASA for public release of the WCS handler in the Hyrax server software Beta Release February 2008 with AIRS Level 2 Started initial testing with CEOP scientists (Client Info Page) Any WCS Server that can return a NetCDF CF or HDF-EOS CF response can be linked to the Hyrax OPeNDAP Server and accessed by OPeNDAP enabled clients Any OPeNDAP enabled client may access any of the WCS Servers whose holdings are registered in the Hyrax Server via the THREDDS catalog configuration.

5 Future Uses of NASA Prototype Contribute to the GEO Task DA-07-06; Data Integration and Analysis System Contribute to the WGISS LSI activity? 5

6 6 Some Current Issues Data Lineage : Data transformations information needed for user – future 2008 functionality Data Quality: need to screen data for quality before putting online and give this information to the user – future 2008 functionality Get feedback from the CEOP science community after the Feb 2008 beta release and enhance prototype with response to feedback. Early feedback includes- How to handle time synchronization with satellite and model data time steps Improve naming scheme to identify data Data organization at WCS server needs science input THREDDS xml catalog can have scalability problems as the number of files even for one dataset becomes very large Future operational support for WCS data sources needed; Operational support for the Hyrax OPeNDAP server is done by the OPeNDAP Group.

7 7 OGC-Geoscience Gateway Project Background THREDDS –Provides catalogs of datasets served via a variety of protocols Geoscience community protocols: http/netCDF, OPeNDAP, ADDE (Abstract Data Distribution Environment - I.e. McIDAS) OGC protocols: WCS (Web Coverage Service) –Depends on other organizations and protocols for discovery and search of the data OGC Geoscience gateway complements THREDDS by: –ingesting the information in THREDDS catalogs –providing a standards-based (i.e., OGC) discovery interface that enables users to search for data available on distributed THREDDS servers

8 8 OGC-Geoscience Gateway

9 9 Project Milestones and Accomplishments (Geoscience ) Designed THREDDS to ISO 19115/19115-2 mapping Implemented THREDDS to CS/W metadata ingestor –Ingested the Unidata THREDDS catalog (weather forecast model) and the NCDC THREDDS catalog Modified existing GMU CS/W server to include THREDDS mapped metadata Worked with the GI-GO client team (Italy) and the ESRI client team to enable their clients to successfully search the GMU CS/W Server. Planning additional testing by NASA team to determine the limits of interoperability. External CS/W clients working with CS/W servers developed by different organizations are rare!

10 Demo Client Info Page Demo 10

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