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Creating a Nation of Learners Libraries and Museums: Institutes of Civic Engagement.

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1 Creating a Nation of Learners Libraries and Museums: Institutes of Civic Engagement

2 What is IMLS? We are the federal voice for the nations 123,000 libraries and 17,500 museums.

3 IMLS Activities Grant Programs Research, Evaluation and Statistics, Policy, and Publications National Initiatives and Partnerships

4 IMLS Goals 1.Engaging, empowering learning experiences 2.Community anchor institutions 3.Discovery of knowledge and cultural heritage 4.US policies sustain access to knowledge 5.Excellence in public management

5 Indicators of Civic Engagement Volunteering and service Political action Connecting to information and current events Participation in a group Social connectedness

6 Civic Engagement: Roles for Libraries and Museums Civic educator – Raise awareness of civics, civic engagement and civic responsibility Conversation starter – Identify challenging community issues and create a forum for developing action strategies Community bridge – Bring diverse people and organizations with different perspectives together to build stronger communities Visionary – Lead efforts to develop a broad community vision Center for democracy in action – Assume role of THE place where democracy, civic engagement and public discourse happen

7 Civic Educator Draw on experience as community educators to increase civic understanding Maximize access to information about civic engagement Create easy to use portals to increase civic awareness Leverage neutral position to provide unbiased information Connect with and support other organizations committed to civic engagement

8 Conversation Starter Establish public discourse as a priority Create system for constantly monitoring civic issues Know community stakeholders and build partnerships to foster dialogue Engage elected officials in community conversations Build capacity to facilitate discussions on challenging issues Be active and visible in community

9 Community Bridge Establish building bridges as a priority Promote role and capacity as a community bridge Seek out disengaged populations Create partnerships with organizations that serve disengaged populations Provide programs that promote and teach cultural awareness

10 Visionary Promote importance of community vision as a component of civic engagement Link existing strategic plans to form a broader community vision Connect with visioning organization to build capacity Convene community conversations around visions and share those results Work with local leaders to provide a more comprehensive vision

11 Center for Democracy in Action Develop a strategy that defines programs contributing to community health as a priority Work with local governments to support its democratic governance efforts Empower citizens to be community contributors Be willing to take on controversial issues that are important to communities Push capacities into communities beyond traditional roles

12 Urban Library Council: LEADERSHIP BRIEF Thank you to ULC Check out Library Priority: Community-Civic Engagement 851/files/ULC_Leadership_Brief_II_Full_4Page s.pdf 851/files/ULC_Leadership_Brief_II_Full_4Page s.pdf

13 Contact IMLS Website: Twitter: @US_IMLS UpNext Blog: E-mail Alerts: RSS Feed: rss/news.aspx Primary Source: Free monthly e-mail update, sent to over 12,000 subscribers. IMLS E-Communications

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