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Chapter Operations Chapter #4.

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1 Chapter Operations Chapter #4

2 Essentials of a Successful FFA Chapter
Knowledge of the FFA All members share responsibility Capable Officers A challenging Program of Activities A workable constitution and bylaws Proper equipment and records

3 Essentials of a Successful FFA Chapter
Well-planned regularly held chapter meetings Adequate financing School and community support Chapter resource file

4 Executive Chapter Officers
President – Shelby Sturgiss Vice President – Sam Pearson Secretary – Emily Estrada Treasurer – Chace Schrum Reporter – Jenna Mennetti Sentinel – Matt Lucas Historian – Katlyn Chism Advisor – Mr. Hicks

5 Secondary Chapter Officers
Web/Tech specialist: Officer at Large: Photographer: Historian:

6 Associate Vice Presidents
VP Healthy Lifestyles: VP Recruitment: VP Environmental: VP Public Relations: VP Human Resources: VP Citizenship: VP Finance:

7 Duties of All Officers Genuine desire to be part of a team
Willingness to accept responsibility Desire to work with members as a leader A commitment to lead by example Knowledge of constitution and bylaws Knowledge of parliamentary procedure Memorize official ceremonies

8 Duties of the President
Preside of meetings using rules of parliamentary procedure Coordinate chapter activities Represent chapter at official and public relation functions

9 Duties of the Vice President
Assume duties of president if needed Develop Program of Activities (serve as non-voting member of all committees) Coordinate all Committee work Work with President & Advisor to evaluate chapter goals Oversee FFA activities (approval and accountability)

10 Duties of Secretary Prepare and post agenda for meetings
Prepare minutes of meetings Place all committee reports in Secretary’s Book Be responsible for chapter correspondence Maintain attendance records Develop the Chapter Roster and submit to State and National FFA Keep Program of Activities up to date

11 Duties of Treasurer Record & deposit FFA funds
Present monthly treasurer’s report Maintain Chapter Treasurer’s Book Develop annual FFA budget Assist in all fundraising efforts

12 Duties of Reporter Plan public information programs
Release news to media Release news to State and National Newsletters / Magazines Oversees chapter newsletter and news briefs Oversees flyers and announcements of all FFA activities

13 Duties of Sentinel Assist President in maintaining order
Keep meeting room and equipment in proper condition Welcome guests and visitors Assist with special features and refreshments at meetings and activities Keep an inventory of all FFA supplies and equipment Keep meeting room comfortable

14 Duties of the Advisor Supervise all chapter activities
Inform prospective students and parents about the FFA Instruct students in leadership Build school and community support Encourage member involvement in activities Prepare students for competitive events

15 Duties of the Web/Tech Specialist
Make Videos for the FFA and end of year banquet Set up and manage electrical equipment Maintain the Chapter Website

16 Duties of the Officer at Large
Fill in for all officers when absent Memorize all opening ceremonies parts Serve as assistant to all committees Assist all officers in their duties as needed Plan the Chapter Banquet

17 Duties of the Photographer
Take pictures at all events and activities in the ag program and the FFA Maintain all camera equipment download and photos as needed Make slideshow for chapter banquet Assist the Reporter, Historian, and Web Specialist by providing all the pictures they need

18 Duties of Historian Maintain Chapter Scrapbook
Serve as an assistant chapter photographer Collect souvenirs and memorabilia Works with Yearbook staff on the FFA page

19 Duties of Associate Vice Presidents
Act as committee chairs over their respective assignments Plan specific activities that correspond to their committee chair assignments from the chapter POA Assist executive officers as needed

20 Program of Activities (POA)
Serves as a Road map for the chapter National Chapter Award Program Broken down into 15 Divisions Each division has a committee Set Goals to accomplish for upcoming year Every member should be on a committee

21 Chapter Banquet End of the year Awards for individuals and the Chapter
Highlight year’s events and awards (Leadership points)

22 Chapter Meetings and Activities
Chapter Meetings/Super Activities Held monthly during school year Conduct business and have lots of fun with a planned activity Executive Meetings Executive meetings held twice per month for committees and officers to ‘return and report’

23 Meeting Room Sentinel President Secretary Reporter Advisor Treasurer
Vice President

24 Order of Business Opening Ceremony Minutes of the Previous Meeting
Treasurer Report Advisor Report Report on Chapter POA (1 month calendar) Unfinished business Committee Reports (Return and Report- 3 month planning) New Business Closing Ceremony Recreation or Entertainment

25 Officer Stations President Rising Sun Vice President Plow Secretary Ear of Corn Treasurer Bust of Washington Reporter U.S. Flag Sentinel Clasped Hands Advisor Owl Photographer Camera Historian……………………………..Scrapbook Web/Tech specialist………………...Computer

26 Opening Ceremonies Officers memorize parts
(ALL) In Unison: To practice brotherhood, honor agricultural opportunities and responsibilities, and develop those qualities of leadership which an FFA member should posses.

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