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1 Prepositions

2 Prepositions connect a noun or pronoun object with another word in the sentence.

3 Prepositions Showing Location
above across against along among around at behind below beside between beyond by down from in

4 More Location Preps past inside through into to near toward off under
out outside over past through to toward under underneath up within

5 Prepositions Showing Time
after as before during since until

6 Other Prepositions about despite except for like of per than with

7 Prepositional Phrase a prepositional phrase begins with a preposition and ends with a noun or pronoun a prepositional phrase is never the subject or the verb of a sentence

8 Examples After school we walked to the library.
V After school we walked to the library. Mary sits behind you in science class. Down the road galloped the horse. The plane flew above the clouds. S V V S S V

9 Practice, Practice, Practice
Jane lives across the street from me. We went to the beach. Some boys crawled under the car. They stopped along the road for five minutes. During skiing season our family went to a lodge for a weekend.

10 Even More Practice The cars travel below the river and through the tunnel. The telephone rang in the middle of the night. Below the sink is the garbage can. Everyone except Mary left by noon. Outside the building the cats and dogs played.

11 Homework The plane flew ________ the clouds. You are to illustrate eight (8) different pictures, with eight different prepositions, showing the connection between the plane and the clouds.

12 The plane flew around the clouds.

13 The plane flew between the clouds.

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