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Anne Hurley, CEO Communications Alliance Seeing beyond the horizon CommsDay Summit 2008 Industry Futures Symposium.

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1 Anne Hurley, CEO Communications Alliance Seeing beyond the horizon CommsDay Summit 2008 Industry Futures Symposium

2 Why the industry needs to have a unified voice in the debate The process of consultation and collaboration Identifying the key issues Principles for development of policy framework Worksheet for 2008 Overview

3 Government broadband initiatives provide window of opportunity to focus on new approach to policy and regulatory issues Industry can lead the way to NGN world or be led by others Re-defining collaboration to overcome obstacles to industry progress and development The concept of pre-competitive cooperation Need for unified industry voice

4 Need Vision for industry as a whole Vision Day – bringing all stakeholders together to look beyond the immediate horizon Start from end-user perspective: o What will customers want in the future o What applications will be needed o What we must do to meet those needs Seek input beyond the comms industry: o Government agencies o End-user industries (eg health, education) o Other industry associations Facilitated sessions with focus on solid outcomes Consultation and collaboration

5 NGN Framework Options Group Project 2004 Future forums on Fibre, Mobile and Wireless in 2006 Work Plan for Strategic Transitioning to NGN in 2007 (endorsed by the Department, ACMA, ACCC) 2007 Roundtables for technical, operational and other requirments for migrating to and operating in an FTTN environment QoS Guidelines for IP Interconnect 2007 Submission to the Review of the USO 2007 Co-hosting Broadband & Beyond 2008 conference Identifying key issues Work already undertaken by Communications Alliance to identify NGN migration issues

6 Preparing for the Broadband World – policy focus document adopted by Communications Alliance Board in Feb 2008 High-level principles for development of the convergence framework: o Ubiquity o Access o Technology neutrality o End-user o Competition and innovation o Appropriate regulation o Privacy and security o Stakeholder collaboration Principles for development of policy framework

7 National Broadband Network should be open access Principles need to be developed for the operation of interconnection model, open access regime and framework for seamless transition of customers; Principles should be customer-focussed so migration does not cause dissatisfaction Focus must be maintained on resolving application of USO policy objective in broadband multi-carrier, multi-network world. Issues to be addressed Some of the key issues identified by Communications Alliance which will need to be addressed in NGN migration:

8 Support for implementation of Government NGN policy initiatives: High-level principles for development of the convergence framework: o providing a forum/facilitating industry-Government dialogue o providing industry perspectives on proposed reforms and key issues o facilitating industry-led initiatives for operational, technical and other requirements for migration to broadband environment Worksheet for 2008

9 Addressing consumer issues: o Support for Governments Consumer Forum – enhancing consumer engagement model o USO review – helping define scope, cost and funding of consumer right to a voice safety net o Fact based research – gaining a better understanding of consumer expectations in NGN world o Working with TIO and industry to address customer service and complaints o Partnering with ACMA and HREOC on research to identify how the needs of those with disabilities are met with accessibility features on telephony equipment in overseas environments and recommend how they may be best addressed in Australia Worksheet for 2008

10 Identify opportunities for members to collectively adopt initiatives to address climate change: o Adoption of appropriate initiatives proposed in High- Bandwidth, Low-Carbon Future report. o Investigate possible code/standard/guideline re energy consumption of broadband equipment o Align with ACMA on work being undertaken by the Telecommunications Standardization Advisory Group to combat global warming Worksheet for 2008

11 Industry must not squander this opportunity to help plan the future broadband policy framework A new concept of pre-competitive cooperation offers the best model for achieving a unified industry voice in the policy development process Communications Alliance members have already achieved substantial progress in defining the fundamental principles for development of the broadband policy framework A range of key issues remain to be resolved and Communications Alliance has identified a number for its 2008 Industry Worksheet Our success in tackling those issues will be pivotal in achieving a smooth transition to the broadband world. Conclusion

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