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An Activity using Images of the Jupiter Project Naoki Matsumoto Keio Senior High School and JAHOU,HOU members.

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1 An Activity using Images of the Jupiter Project Naoki Matsumoto Keio Senior High School and JAHOU,HOU members

2 Ordinary Activity of Keplers Law To use Mars position data from moving Earth for to draw Mars orbit. Complicated (Yakkai in Japanese) Using mini solar system (Jupiter system) Using Jupiter project images.

3 The Jupiter Project July 2000 Global HOU Conference in Germany,Munich This Project was proposed by Faye(France). An international joint observation project for education. The sleepless observation network for Jupiter and its satellites.

4 The Jupiter Project 2000 2000/12/1 7 Participants from Germany, Finland, Sweden, France, USA, and Japan 336 images were taken by this term. Participants Image by Reiko Furusho

5 The Jupiter Project 200 2~4 Construction the environment what students can participate in. Making observation managing system on web. Managed by students. Images were taken in …. 2002 129 images 2003 207 images 2004 773 images 2002/01/12 11:43(UT) By Kentaro Takesute 2003-2-18/11:45-17:41(UT) By Kenji Hiratsuka

6 An Activity using the Jupiter Project Images Purpose –Understanding Kepler's law intuitively. –Deciding mass of Jupiter using images taken in Jupiter Project. –Increasing a sense of closeness by using images taken by high school students. Object of the activity –Earth Science for 10th Grade

7 Work book Making workbook using Web Browser Images were taken by Toyo-oka HS, Toko science and technology HS, Bisei Observatory (Bisei Junior High School), Yakes Observatory, and Keio HS. Thank you very very much! Cho~~~Arigato in Japanese

8 Procedure of activity Download worksheet (Excel) from server. Measuring distance from center of Jupiter to each satellites on 13 images. Pictures in classroom Making Graph using Excel. Excel File By Bisei Junior High School

9 Rotation and Oscillation Rotation Viewpoint switch Simple oscillation Simple oscillation + Time sin curve Sin curve Radius of orbit Revolution period animation/triangle_func/050.html

10 Finding from the Graph Questions on worksheet Draw the change of the position when you watched the revolving body from the front direction. Mark the radius of orbit and the revolution period by red arrow Student N kun Student K kun

11 A Student Work (I-Class K-kun)

12 A Student Work (A-Class K- kun)

13 A Student Work (I-Class S-kun)

14 Calculation of Jupiters Mass Radius of orbit a (m) Revolution period P(sec) a:Radius of orbit P Revolution period G:gravitational constant M:Mass Jupiters Mass

15 Result of students Jupiters Mass 2×10 27 kg Right value : 10 26,10 27

16 Understanding of Keplers law Relation of a and P Inner satellite a :Small) Fast P: Short Outer satellite a :Big) Slow P: Long Almost students showed this relation correctly. This shows that Kepler's 2 nd and 3 rd law were understood.

17 The impression of the students 1 ABOUT Calculation of Jupiters mass The way of the experiment is a doubtful method which measure distance between the stars on the images with a ruler. However, I was surprised though a proper result was provided. I was surprised to be able to calculate mass of the Jupiter by such a simple data. I was complicated, but was interesting.

18 The impression of the students 2 ABOUT the Jupiter Project I felt reality. Because I used the real photographs. I think it is very good idea which decide mass of Jupiter from the images taken around the world. I want to join this observation project.

19 Conclusion I developed an activity that using the Jupiter Project images and carry it out. It includes difficult subject, however it was interested in students. It contributed to understanding of the Kepler's law. The images which were taken by same generation students, led reality and closeness. By Kenji Hiratsuka 2003-2-18/11:45-17:41(UTC)

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