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Web: OMII-UK: progressing from adopting open specifications to sustainable open development by fostering Asia-Pacific.

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1 Web: Email: OMII-UK: progressing from adopting open specifications to sustainable open development by fostering Asia-Pacific collaborations and creating communities Steve Crouch, OMII-UK Southampton A.Stephen McGough, Imperial College London Shantenu Jha, Louisiana State University 17/09/08

2 Web: Email: Introduction to the Session OMII-UK: who we are and how we can help Reducing the gap between e-Researchers and e- Infrastructure Creating communities – users and developers OGF standards - where/how are they used? Highlight Asia Pacific collaborations

3 Web: Email: OMII-UK: Supporting e-Research OMII-UK provides software and services to help the UK research community adopt e-Research practices and technology Teams from Southampton, Manchester and Edinburgh universities Funding from EPSRC from 2004 to 2010 Software, e.g. o Workflow design and execution – Taverna o Access/integrate data – OGSA-DAI - tutorial session today at 4pm, here! o Manage and access computational resources – GridSAM; Campus Grid Toolkit, OMII-SAGA Build active, sustainable communities around developed open source products that use appropriate accepted/emerging open standards

4 Web: Email: OMII-UK: Adding benefit to e-Science More than just the middleware o go above the components to provide added value Skilled team to help the community o putting the right things together, integrating components o providing consultancy and support to improve uptake o developing, commissioning and improving software

5 Web: Email: From Open Standards to Sustainable Open Development Internal Development Internal development Satisfy initial requirements Open Standards Developer community involvement User community involvement Open Development Host development on community development infrastructure Active open engagement from developer community Satisfy further requirements to increase uptake Open Standards Sustainable Open Development Complete the open cycle Active open engagement from developer community Active open engagement from user communities Sustainable, user-driven development Open Standards

6 Web: Email: Bridging the Gaps SOFTWARE CSPs ENGAGE Developers e-Researchers Support, Expertise

7 Web: Email: Commissioned Software Programme Funded projects to address identified gaps in e- Research software and e-Infrastructure Further development of existing prototypes and improvement of existing software o To increase user uptake, where interest exists o Open source, accessible to community developers Proposals evaluated reactively, or in response to a call for software Software evaluated at intervals throughout project

8 Web: Email: CSP Projects and OGF Standards Funding/funded variety of projects that use OGF standards: o Application Hosting Environment (AHE) – JSDL o OGRSH (GenesisII) – ByteIO, RNS, BES, JSDL, HPC- Profile o RAPID – JSDL o JSDL Application Repository – JSDL o OMII-SAGA – SAGA, JSDL o GridSAM, ICTGridSAM – BES, JSDL, HPC-Profile, DRMAA o OMII-AuthZ – AuthZ o Grimoires – GLUE

9 Web: Email: OMII-Europe Component Exchange OMII-Europe: re-engineering of Grid middleware components to support interoperability through appropriate open standards o Middleware components sourced across six areas Virtual Organisation Management: OGSA-AuthZ, SAML Accounting: OGSA-RUS and OGSA-UR Data Access: WS-DAI* Job Submission, Component Exchange: OGSA-BES, JSDL, HPC-Profile Portals: much of the above o Globus, gLite and UNICORE - primary infrastructures Facilitated a two-way exchange of components between OMII-Europe and our project partners in China o Beihang University: Meta Scheduler within CROWN o Coordinated implementation of BES interface to the Scheduler

10 Web: Email: The CROWN BES Meta Scheduler Container BES Client BES Client OMII container CROWN Meta- Scheduler Internal Registry BES endpoint Resource availability BES job submission and query e.g. GridSAM, UNICORE-BES, CREAM-BES …

11 Web: Email: Engaging Research with e-Infrastructure Interviewing researchers to identify what works and whats needed Analysing requirements and proposing interventions Developing solutions and disseminating best practice

12 Web: Email: The ENGAGE philosophy What do people do? What do people want to do? o not how can they use what weve got to do it Trivial barriers are sometimes insurmountable o whats easy for us is often frustrating for others o dont assume the last steps easy for everyone o lets celebrate success in the community Try to extend beyond the usual suspects Solve specific technical issues for specific users

13 Web: Email: Methodology Identification of interviewees through lists, workshops and word of mouth Semi-structured initial interviews (in person or by telephone) Analysis and assessment of interview Follow-up interviews to establish detail Investment of effort to fix specific problems Dissemination of successes

14 Web: Email: ENGAGE Interviews by domain

15 Web: Email: What happens after initial interview

16 Web: Email: ENGAGE preliminary, non- empirical qualitative finding People will tend to prioritise ease of use, support and continued development over a complete feature set This requires a sustainable community around the software and trust by the users in the e-Infrastructure providers (and vice-versa) Dont agree? Sign up for an interview to correct the bias!

17 Web: Email: High Throughput Humanities for e-Research Improve the accessibility and usability of digitised texts o 19 th Century Serials Edition Calculate similarity measures to allow comparisons to be made o computationally intensive Gerhard Brey

18 Web: Email: Exposing Bioinformatic Programs as Web Services Develop better approaches for detecting Protein – Protein Interaction Motifs in protein datasets Improve repeatability, collaboration and increase available resources Richard Edwards

19 Web: Email: Docking and Molecular Dynamics Simulations Aid the understanding of the nature of glycans o devise vaccines which reduce undesired events Improve the use and efficiency of molecular dynamics simulation packages on NGS Babak Afrough, Hans Heidl

20 Web: Email: Addressing the Issues of Uptake Number of issues identified by user community and Campus Grid SIG Issues need to be resolved e.g. for University College London: o Already using GridSAM in Theoretical Chemistry group & Centre for Computational Science o Number of research domains with own applications, in neurological modelling, Markov models/genetics, chemistry, nanoscale electronics, gene search o Legion cluster: PBS/Torque, Lustre shared filesystem o With Applications Hosting Environment (AHE), use GridSAM to access resources Challenges in supporting platforms, accounting, security, job management How do we organise resources and manage an approach to this?

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