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Systems Analysis and Design Presented by Thakur Rai.

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2 Systems Analysis and Design Presented by Thakur Rai

3 Definitions System - organized set of related components established to accomplish a certain task. Systems Analysis - process of studying an existing system to determine how it works and how it meets the users needs. Systems Design - process of developing a plan for an improved system based off of the results from the systems analysis.

4 Change People are inherently resistant to change Change Agent (System Analyst) User involvement is the vital Key to the success of the redesign. Why??

5 Systems Development Life Cycle Preliminary Investigation Analysis Design Development Implementation

6 Preliminary Investigation True nature of problem Problem scope Objectives Preliminary Investigation AnalysisDesignDevelopmentImplementation

7 System analysis Data gathering Written Documents, Interviews Questionnaires, Observation, Sampling Data analysis DFD (Data Flow Diagram) Charts, Tables System requirements Preliminary Investigation AnalysisDesignDevelopmentImplementation

8 Data Flow Diagram DFD Process - Actions taken on data File - Repository of data Source- Data origin outside system Sink - Destination for outgoing data Vectors - Shows flow of data

9 System Design 2 Phases Preliminary Design Phase The analyst establishes the new system concpet Detail Design The analyst determines exact design specifications Why???? To make sure management approves the overall plan before making a major investment Preliminary Investigation AnalysisDesignDevelopmentImplementation

10 Preliminary Design Could the system be outsourced? Should we purchase packaged software? Should we do in-house design? Prototype? Use of CASE Tools? Get the proposal Accepted! Preliminary Investigation AnalysisDesignDevelopmentImplementation

11 Detailed Design Comes after Preliminary Design Done after the proposal has been accepted. Input/Output Requirements Files & Databases System Processing System Controls & Backups Preliminary Investigation AnalysisDesignDevelopmentImplementation

12 Systems Development Programming Testing Unit - Test Units or Pieces of coding System - Use Test Data to test every part of the program to ensure compatibility Volume - Large volume of data Project Management Software - to allocate tasks and resources, Time Lines, Project Costs. Preliminary Investigation AnalysisDesignDevelopmentImplementation

13 Implementation Training Equipment Conversion File Conversion System Converion Auditing Evaluation Maintenance Preliminary Investigation AnalysisDesignDevelopmentImplementation

14 System Conversion Direct - All at once Phased - One step at a time Pilot - Entire system used by some users Parallel - simultaneous operations (Most prolonged and expensive)


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