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Theatre Vocab Weeks 1-2.

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1 Theatre Vocab Weeks 1-2

2 Profile Left or Profile Right
face completely to the left or right

3 Open Up turn more fully towards the audience

4 Open Turn turn towards the audience

5 Closed Turn turn one’s back to the audience

6 Full Front face the audience straight on

7 Blocking The movement and stage business designed by the director and performed by the actors.

8 Downstage The part of the stage closest to the audience. At one time stages were raked, or sloped, with the lower ("down") part closest to the audience, and the higher ("up") part further away.

9 Stage Right That part of the stage to the actor's right when the actor faces the audience.

10 Upstage The area of the stage farthest way from the audience and nearest to the back wall.

11 Stage Left That part of the stage to the actor's left when the actor faces the audience.

12 Apron The area of the stage that extends toward the audience, in front of the grand drape.

13 Wings The space off stage masked by the legs (curtains), often used for exits and entrances.

14 Day 2

15 Thrust Stage A theatre with audience seated around three sides of the stage. extends beyond the proscenium with a 3-side audience

16 Proscenium Stage A traditional theatre with the audience seated in front of a proscenium arch framing the stage.

17 Black Box A bare room used as a versatile theatre space in which the seating and production elements can be presented in any configuration.

18 Arena Stage A theatre with a central playing area and the audience seated around the perimeter, also called "theatre in-the-round.“

19 Fly System hanging rails above the stage to drape scenery drops and “fly” things in & out

20 Set All of the scenery—walls, platforms, doors, etc.—that makes up the physical environment of the world of the play.

21 Props All the stage furnishings, including furniture, that are physically used by the actors.

22 Flats Canvas or wood-covered frames that are used for the walls of a stage setting.

23 Dress the Stage balance the stage picture

24 Cross The actor's movement from one stage location to another.

25 Catwalk walking area above the audience and stage to be used when working on the scenery or lights

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