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Cultural Heritage in REGional NETworks REGNET E-SHOP.

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1 Cultural Heritage in REGional NETworks REGNET E-SHOP

2 3 February 2003 2 Functionalities of E-SHOP Search facility of the Z-SHOP (figure 1) Free Search: Name of the product / description etc. Category of the product (The user is able to select from the predefined different categories that the system provides, by using a specific combo box or a scroll bar that exists on the left of the screen). Specify the supplier. The user is able to provide a price range for the search (lower than or higher). Search through the different categories.

3 3 February 2003 3 Figure 1 – Search Functionality

4 3 February 2003 4 … Functionalities (2) Shopping Cart (Basket) – (You can see figure 2) Add an item to the shopping cart Remove item from the shopping cart View item Details (all information regarding the product can be viewed to another page box) Move item to wish list Change the quantity of a product Calculate the total amount of the order Update the basket Change the currency of the price (by default is in Euro). Proceed an order

5 3 February 2003 5 Figure 2 – Basket

6 3 February 2003 6 … Functionalities (3) Wish List (figure 3) Move to basket. A product may be transferred from the wish list to the basket Update the wish list Buy from the wish list the selected items View wish list, the client may access and manage his wish list Delete from wish list Request item details (You can see item details to another web box) Change the quantity and the currency

7 3 February 2003 7 Figure 3 – Wish List

8 3 February 2003 8 … Functionalities (4) Order Delivery address The system request users info from the users profile or the user can specify the different information that he/she wants, in order to deliver him/her the requested product. (figure 4)

9 3 February 2003 9 Figure 4 – Delivery address

10 3 February 2003 10 Review order before the final transaction. The system gives the ability to users to verify their orders and also to specify the shipment costs. (figure 5)

11 3 February 2003 11 Figure 5 – review order

12 3 February 2003 12 E-Payment (figure 6) Users can select the way that they prefer to pay. 1. Payment with credit card. Then the system will send an email with the confirmation of the order and then any user can finish his/her order by submitting the credit card number in a Internet Secure Environment (see figure 7). 2. Deposit in a Bank Account. Then an email with the confirmation of the order will be send to users with the details of the payment and the bank account.

13 3 February 2003 13 Figure 6 – selection of payment

14 3 February 2003 14 Figure 7 – Credit card Transaction Form

15 3 February 2003 15 View order history Any user can see the history of his/her orders (figure 8)

16 3 February 2003 16 Figure 8 – Order History

17 3 February 2003 17 … Functionalities (5) Terms and Conditions There some terms and conditions that offered to users before they use the functionalities of the specific component. Return to portal Users can exit from the e-shop component by pressing the button return to portal.

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