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Cultural Heritage in REGional NETworks REGNET WP 4 Demonstration, Assessment and Evaluation.

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1 Cultural Heritage in REGional NETworks REGNET WP 4 Demonstration, Assessment and Evaluation

2 February 2003TARX - REGNET 2 WP 4 Past Mechelen meeting: Stand alone modules; some not testable First formal reporting effort Followed by some additionally sent reports Den Haag meeting: Stand alone modules; some not completely finished Second formal reporting effort Followed by additional reports

3 February 2003TARX - REGNET 3 WP 4 Increments towards Toulouse e-Business (shop, proc.,auct.):debug and upgrade (VALT / ZEUS) Integration:done (VALT) Data entry/Search & Retr.:upgrade (AIT) e-Publishing:multimedia production ready (TARX) slide show in preparation (SR) Topic maps:refinement of the user interface (AIT) Portal:internationalisation (MOT and all language responsibles) Others?

4 February 2003TARX - REGNET 4 WP 4 Now Toulouse: third formal reporting effort Specific attention to: Incremental changes of all technical modules Newly parts of modules Integration level of the modules Internationalisation + comparison with SWOT analysis Den Haag + final judgement of constituting parts Requirement: sufficient number of reports as valid base for assessment

5 February 2003TARX - REGNET 5 WP 4 Task data Normal planning: 01/07/02 – 31/12/02 Modified:xx/10/02 - 28/02/03 Task 4.1. Execution of the demonstration phase55 pm TARXDemos, tests, operational issues, methodologies, CSCs Task 4.2. Refinement of systems and services20 pm VALTAll technical modules and integration Task 4.3. Analysis of the trial service, assessment and evaluation 6 pm IATEvaluation of test and demonstration results BUT: all partners have to contribute


7 February 2003TARX - REGNET 7 WP 4 Planning - part 1 15/11/02Referential environment 21-23/11/02Meeting Den Haag 25-29/11/02Refinement 01/12/02-31/12/021st iteration (demo + SWOT) 01/01/03-31/01/032nd iteration (demo + assess) 06-07/02/03Meeting Toulouse 10/02/03-28/02/033rd iteration (demo + assess) 06/03/03Deliverables sent to the Commission

8 February 2003TARX - REGNET 8 WP 4 Planning - part 2 10/03/03Start preparation of Review meeting demos, slides, addenda to deliverables CSCs 26/03/03Preparatory meeting Luxembourg 27/03/03Final review meeting Luxembourg 28/03/03Final REGNET meeting

9 February 2003TARX - REGNET 9 WP 4 Immediate To dos Carry out demonstration and tests Produce adequate reporting Write referential environment Write final report contribution Establish CSC

10 February 2003TARX - REGNET 10 Archives Art Galleries Museums Libraries Component Suppliers ICT-Companies Collections Market Makers Art & Antique Dealers Educational Institutes Scientists Tourists Visitors Official bodies CSC Europe Business Technical Content Participants Infrastructure REGNET Data entry e-Auction e-Procurement e-Publishing e-Shop Information engineering Knowledge engineering Portal Search/retrieval XML Themes Context Multi-channel -level -lingual Consortium E.E.I.G. Networked Regional Cultural Service Centres CSC concept Services Membership Membership or user WP 4 Cultural Service Centres - CSCs

11 February 2003TARX - REGNET 11 END

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