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Cultural Heritage in REGional NETworks REGNET PCM.

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1 Cultural Heritage in REGional NETworks REGNET PCM

2 3 February 2003 2 Product Catalogue Management (PCM), is an information system, which allows users (participants) to manage their catalogues. These catalogues contain information about the items and services included. The PCM system can be used only for registered users (suppliers) who already have catalogues in the system. In order to identify registered users the system connects with the ontology system. PCM COMPONENT

3 3 February 2003 3 ….Functionalities of PCM INSERT ITEMS & SERVICES (following figures) A user can insert items and services in the PCM. If he/she want to insert new items in the system it is necessary to have a catalogue (or catalogues) in the system (because all the items & services are categorized according to catalogues). If a user has no registered warehouses, then he would not be able to insert new items & services to the system.

4 3 February 2003 4 Figure 1 – insert new items

5 3 February 2003 5 Figure 2 – insert new services

6 3 February 2003 6 INSERT WAREHOUSE To insert a new warehouse it is necessary for registered users to press the Insert Warehouse link, and on the loaded page they have to fill in the form with the specific information about the warehouse (following figure 3)

7 3 February 2003 7 Figure 3 – insert new warehouse

8 3 February 2003 8 MANAGE ITEMS & SERVICES (figures 4 and 5) Users have the ability to manage their items. Therefore, they can update, delete or look for an item, which is stored in the system. Firstly, they have to choose the specific catalogue and also the specific category of an item and after they can manage their items. Users can also have the ability of manage their services in the same way as their items. They can update, delete or look their stored services by pressing the Update, Delete or Look services link.Update, Delete or Look services

9 3 February 2003 9 Figure 3 – manage items

10 3 February 2003 10 Figure 4 – manage services

11 3 February 2003 11 INSERT ITEMS INTO THE E-SHOP Furthermore, the system gives users the ability/ functionality of adding the items they want into the e- shop system.

12 3 February 2003 12 INSERT IT TO THE E-SHOP? Figure 5 – insert items to the e-shop

13 3 February 2003 13 ADMINISTRATION PART OF PCM The administration part of PCM can only be used from the systems administrator. This part is very important for the system especially for adding new catalogues in local and distributed databases (see figure 6). Furthermore with this part we can add a new type of currency. Username: regnet Password: 1q2w3e4r

14 3 February 2003 14 Figure 6 – administration part

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