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Cultural Heritage in REGional NETworks REGNET T2.4: Business Process Re-engineering.

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1 Cultural Heritage in REGional NETworks REGNET T2.4: Business Process Re-engineering

2 July 2002REGNET review 2 Global vision Four viewpoints: Business (process): T1.6 Information system (functions, macroscopic flows): T2.4 Software systems (software, component, project,…): T2.2 Physical systems: Infrastructure and enterprise network elements (hardware machines, …): T2.2 Business representation IS representation Zone 1 Zone 2 FLUX Zone 3 Software systems representation Physical infrastructure representation

3 July 2002REGNET review 3 Objectives (1/2) 1. Complete and detailed specifications of the selected processes to be implemented in the version 2 of REGNET System. PARTNERS : MUSEUM : TINC and MUS. ARCHIVE and LIBRARY : IMAC and AIT. ART GALLERY : ICCS.

4 July 2002REGNET review 4 Objectives (2/2) 2. Translation of the specifications provided in UML language (class diagram). 3. Prepare ebXML deployment PARTNER : UML Modelling : VALT.

5 July 2002REGNET review 5 Methodology (1/3) The previous step - Business Processes Modelling : In the WP1 (task T1.6), we defined, organised and mapped (use case diagram) the business of the cultural heritage domain. This organizational context for the system is presented in the deliverable D3.

6 July 2002REGNET review 6 Methodology (2/3) The 1st step – The detailed specifications use cases of REGNETs System : The content providers selected the use cases to be implemented in the version 2 of REGNET. Then, for each use case or sub use case, the workflow of the dialog between the actors and the REGNETs System was expressed.

7 July 2002REGNET review 7 Methodology (3/3) 2nd step : the object oriented model. From the use cases specifications, the domain (or sub-domain) model is built. Class diagram which could be completed by collaboration diagrams.

8 July 2002REGNET review 8 Museum domain The Museum Domain has been splitted into 5 sub-domains For each sub-domains Use Cases have been specified

9 July 2002REGNET review 9 Use Case Specifications

10 July 2002REGNET review 10 From Use Case to Class Diagram ( i.e. : Loan Category) Attribut Concept Association

11 July 2002REGNET review 11 From Class Diagram to Category

12 July 2002REGNET review 12 Example of Categories identified from Collection Management Use Cases Holds information about the objects in the collection, including: cataloguing, registration, location, valuations Tracks incoming and outgoing loans, and links directly to Constituents and Objects categories. Arrangements for moving objects from one location to another, linked directly to Loan and Exhibition Categories

13 July 2002REGNET review 13 T2.4 - Business PROCESS (Re- engineering). Next step: integration of Business Processes into ebXML registry

14 July 2002REGNET review 14 Query about Company X Request Company Xs Scenario Company Xs Scenario Company Xs Profile Submit CPA Accept CPA ebXML BP Model ebXML BO Library ebXML BP Model ebXML BO Library Request ebXML specifications 1 ebXML specifications detail 3 2 Build local system implementation Register scenarios and implementation details Register company business profile 6 7 8 9 10 Confirm profile and scenarios accepted 11 4 5 12 Scenarios Profiles Specifications

15 July 2002REGNET review 15 UN/CEFACT UMM: Business Process as activity diagram Lender Borrower

16 July 2002REGNET review 16 Conversion UML -> XML Business process definitions XML Schema and DTD generation Populate classification scheme XML Schema XMI (MOF.DTD) Transformation Rules XML Process Definition Populate Classification Scheme

17 July 2002REGNET review 17 <ProcessSpecification version="1.0" uuid="" name="Simple" xmlns="" xmlns:xsi=" instance" xsi:schemaLocation=" D:\Projets\CPPETB~1\ebBPSS.xsd"> …… BPSS: XML version

18 July 2002REGNET review 18 CPP <tp:CollaborationProtocolProfile xmlns:tp="" xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xlink="" xmlns:ds="" tp:schemaLocation=" D:\Projets\CPPETB~1\cpp-cpa-v1_0.xsd"> 123456789 IssueRequestForLoan HTTP

19 July 2002REGNET review 19 Registry systems can give you information about many types of ebXML and even non- ebXML documents. - CPPs and CPAs - Business Process Documents (BPSS, others) - Core Components and CC Aggregates - Business Information Entities and Aggregates - DTDs and Schemas (Assembly documents) - Programming artifacts ebXML Registry

20 July 2002REGNET review 20 Negotiating an agreement Find registry and search for partners Examine CPP Ascertain compatibility of business process and technical specifications Produce Collaboration Protocol Agreement Conditions under which two partners will conduct business transactions together Modify application

21 July 2002REGNET review 21 ebXML registry deploiement We have deployed ebxmlrr registry (open source initialy from SUN): Preliminary populated by some business processes One of the first implementation in Europe

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