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National Thousands Block Number Pooling Services NANC Meeting May 13, 2003.

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1 National Thousands Block Number Pooling Services NANC Meeting May 13, 2003

2 2 Staff Changes Effective April 15, 2003, the FCC approved the following changes in pooling personnel: Amy L. Putnam, Esq. has been promoted and replaces Barry Bishop as Director of Number Pooling Services. Ms. Putnam retains her duties as attorney in this capacity. Shannon Collins replaces Ms. Putnam as Regional Director – External Relations. Ms. Collins will be available to serve as a liaison with the NOWG, in an attempt to clarify issues as they may pertain to the Pooling Administrator. Florence Weber was promoted to replace Ms. Collins as Regional Director - Pooling Administration Services Center

3 3 Rollout Update Since implementation of the national rollout began on January 4, 2002 there have been 95 First Implementation Meetings (FIMs) for 144 NPAs (including overlays and splits in permissive dialing). The FIMs for the 6 th Quarter of the rollout schedule were completed on May 7, 2003. The rollout schedule for the 7 th Quarter was posted to the website on April 24. Implementation meetings for this final quarter of the rollout begin on June 18 and end July 30. There are 17 NPAs and 13 FIMs remaining in the national rollout schedule.

4 4 Change Orders 1.One new Change Order was filed with FCC on April 3. #18 - LNPA Issue #385 - Removal of the AOCN field from the Part 1A Form. 2.One new Change Order was filed with FCC on May 9. #19 – to permit development of a program to accept forecasts in Excel format 3.Outstanding Change Orders # 6 – CO NXX Issue # 295 – Change to Selection Process of Code Holder #10 – LNPA Issue #319 – Intra-SP Porting for Rate Center Telephone Number Administration #11 – CO/NXX Issue #195 – Final Jeopardy Procedures #12 – Changes to the TBPAG identifying rules within FCC 01-362 #13 – Modification To User Profile Application Appendix 5 #14 – Modify Part 3 Form in TBPAG #15 – Update MTE in COCAG #17 - LNPA Issue #335 - AOCNs Performing Initial Thousand Block Entries into BIRRDS and LNPA Issue #389 - Change Minimum Expedite Thousand Block Effective Date (replaces CO #16)

5 5 Summary of Reports to the FCC Pursuant to the Requirements Document, monthly reports are submitted to the FCC by the 15 th of each month. Thousands Block Pooling Report April, 2003 Report (data from March 1 through March 31) ApprovedDeniedSuspendedTOTAL Quantity of Applications 25942983333225

6 6 Summary of Reports Continued System Performance Report April, 2003 Report (3/1 thru 3/31 data) Percent availability: 100 Hours/Minutes of Availability: 744 Number of instances of unavailability: 0

7 7 UNP Trial Update The Modified UNP trial began in the Connecticut 203 and 860 NPAs on November 1, 2002. No tens-blocks have been assigned. The trial end date has not yet been determined.

8 8 Additional Issues LNP NXX LERG Assignee Transfer Form An updated LNP NXX LERG Assignee Transfer Form has been posted to the website. The following revision was made to this form: If the code is being transferred to a new LERG assignee due to ported TNs, the new LERG assignee must complete and submit this form to the NPAC via email at for a non-pooled NXX and to the PA for a pooled NXX.

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