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Validation checking and testing that your web pages function as intended.

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1 Validation checking and testing that your web pages function as intended

2 Code (HTML*)Validation the process of ensuring that your documents adhere to the rules of the particular markup language used *HyperText Markup Language

3 W3C -World Wide Web Consortium Organisation started in 1994 to lead the World Wide Web to its full potential by developing common rules that ensure the www works for everyone. Many organisations around the world pay to be members of W3C W3C employs staff around the world who develop web specifications and software Director is Tim Berners-Lee, said to be the inventor of the www Set the standards and try to maintain consistency in the unregulated world of cyberspace

4 DTD (Document Type Definition) The DTD defines the tags and syntax that are used to structure web pages and declares what the code means. Use DTDs to validate against W3C standards. By default, Macromedia Dreamweaver MX always adds the relevant DTD to your web page code. Dreamweaver 4.0 or lower, did not automatically include the DTD declaration.

5 TYPES of Code Validators *Use W3C validator to check webpages against the DTD (Document Type Definition) *There are programs that scan webpages looking for code errors and will often warn you of common style problems, accessibility and other issues / Validators can be on-line, installed as a separate program on your computer, part of an existing program, free or cost $ …

6 Dreamweaver Various built-in Validation, Checking & Testing Tools



9 SPELLING- it is important !!

10 Have you checked how your page looks at different Screen Resolutions?

11 Good Designers validate/check/test their Web Pages Spelling Grammar Accuracy Different Browsers and Versions of Browser Usability Accessibility for disabled Computer Systems - screen resolution, colours Download Time Plug ins …

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