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Engaging Patients in Guided Care

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1 Engaging Patients in Guided Care
Chad Boult, MD, MPH, MBA Professor of Public Health, Medicine and Nursing Johns Hopkins University Alliance for Health Care Reform Washington DC March 5, 2010

2 Ms. Marian Chen 79 year old widow Retired teacher, lives alone
Income: SS, pension and Medicare Daughter, lives 10 miles away with three teenagers Five chronic conditions Three physicians Eight medications 79 year-old, widowed, retired school teacher Lives in an apartment with her cat Receives SS, a pension, and FFS Medicare Daughter live 10 miles away, has 3 teenagers 5 chronic conditions 3 physicians 8 medications

3 In 2009, Mrs. Chen had… 6 community referrals 2 home care agencies 5 months homecare nursing homes weeks sub- acute care 3 hospital admissions 19 outpatient visits 8 meds 22 scripts Mrs. Chen 8 Physicians, 6 Social Workers, 5 Physical Therapists, 4 Occupational Therapists, 37 Nurses Several exacerbations (CHF, DM, HTN, CAD, OA) 22 prescriptions for her 8 medications 19 outpatient visits to three physicians 3 hospitals admissions 6 weeks in subacute care in two nursing homes Five months of home care from two agencies 8 physicians, 6 SWs, 5 PTs, 4 OTs, 37 RNs Referred to six community agencies

4 Reduced work to half-time Considering nursing homes
Mrs. Chen Confused by care, meds Non-adherent Relies on her daughter Daughter Stressed out Reduced work to half-time Considering nursing homes Mrs. Chen Confused by care: does not follow diet, monitor weight or BP, only takes 50% of med doses Poor quality of life: no preventive services or advance directive Cost: Paid $4,700 out-of-pocket for health care, confused by bills Medicare paid $42,400 to providers for her care (not including medications)

5 The ¼ of Beneficiaries Who Have 4+ Chronic Conditions Account for 80% of Medicare Spending
Source: Medicare 5% Sample, 2001

6 What is Guided Care? Comprehensive, coordinated care for patients with chronic conditions (and their families). An RN located in the practice collaborates with 2-5 physicians in caring for of their most complex patients (and caregivers).

7 Nurse/physician team Assesses needs and preferences
Creates an evidence-based “care guide” and a patient-friendly “action plan” Monitors the patient monthly Supports chronic disease self-management Smoothes transitions between care sites Communicates with providers in EDs, hospitals, specialty clinics, rehab facilities, home care agencies, hospice programs, and social service agencies in the community Educates and supports caregivers Facilitates access to community services Boyd et al. Gerontologist Nov. 2007

8 Self-Management Assessment of patient’s values/priorities
Patient/caregiver involved in planning Monthly follow-up reinforces adherence Motivational interviewing Support for family caregivers

9 Randomized Trial High-risk older patients (n=904) of 49 community-based primary care physicians practicing in 14 teams Physician/patient teams randomly assigned to receive Guided Care or “usual” care Outcomes measured at 8, 20 and 32 months

10 Baseline Characteristics
Guided Care Usual Care Age 77.2 78.1 Race (% white) 51.1 48.9 Sex (% female) 54.2 55.4 Education (12+) 46.4 43.4 Living alone 32.0 30.6 Conditions 4.3 HCC score 2.1 2.0* ADL difficulty 30.9 29.3 Cognition (SPMS) 9.1 9.0

11 How Well Does Guided Care Work?
A pilot test and the first year of a multi-site RCT show: Improved quality of care Improved physician satisfaction with care Reduced strain for family caregivers High job satisfaction for nurses Net reduction in health care costs Sylvia M et al. Disease Manag 2008 Boyd C et al. JGIM Feb 2008 Boult C et al. Journals of Gerontology Mar 2008 Wolff et al. Journals of Gerontology June 2009 Leff B et al. AJMC July 2009

12 Resources: Guided Care implementation manual
On-line course for Guided Care nurses On-line course for practice leaders

13 Grant Support John A. Hartford Foundation
Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality National Institute on Aging Jacob and Valeria Langeloth Foundation

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