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1 Fairfax County Base Realignment and Closure Laura Miller Fairfax County BRAC Coordinator October 18, 2011.

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1 1 Fairfax County Base Realignment and Closure Laura Miller Fairfax County BRAC Coordinator October 18, 2011

2 2 BRAC Overview Along a ~30 mile corridor: Pentagon 23,000 Mark Center 6,400 Fort Belvoir North Area 8,500 Fort Belvoir Main Post 26,400 Marine Corps Base Quantico 19,600 TOTAL84,000

3 3 BRAC Overview ProjectType IdentifiedFunded Quantity Cost ($M) Quantity Cost ($M) FederalRoadway13$6264$40 State & Local Roadway44$1,1503$350 Transit6$7501$10 Total*50$1,9008$400 State & Local Funding from a variety of sources: - Stimulus, VNDIA, OEA, Fairfax C&I Fund, RSTP Reprogramming, CMAQ, County Transportation Bonds * Using State and Local Estimates

4 4 FBNA - Fairfax County Parkway Phases I & II (yellow) - Complete Phase IV (blue) - Complete Phase III (red) Target Completion, July 2012 DAR I-95 S/B Ramp (yellow) - Complete DAR I-95 HOV Ramp, Target Completion, mid- 2014

5 5 FBNA - Saratoga Park & Ride ~500 Space Park & Ride Lot @ Parkway/Barta Road Interchange Target completion August 2012

6 6 FBNA - Rolling Road Design Only - Fullerton to Delong Design Completion – Mar 2014 Begin Project End Project

7 7 Main Post - Route 1 Widening Project will widen Route 1 from 4-lanes to 6-lanes between Telegraph Road and Mount Vernon Highway Project will include space for future transit options Fairfax County Funding Current Work ($3M C&I Tax) NEPA Document Preliminary Engineering Design & Construction: OEA Funding Opportunity - $300M Proposal Submitted Oct 7, 2011 - 30-day Review

8 8 Main Post - Route 1 Transit Studies DRPT (SJ 292) - Project will evaluate the level of study necessary to identify and advance potential public transportation services to Fort Belvoir in Fairfax County and the Marine Corps Base at Quantico in Prince William and Stafford Counties. Target Completion late 2012. DRPT – SuperNoVa Study, announced October 2011, will define the region and determine where people are coming from based on projected population and employment center growth. Target Completion late 2012. Fairfax County – Countywide Transit Network Study will perform modeling on major corridors throughout the county (including Route 1) and will make recommendations for enhanced transit options within each corridor. Target Completion mid-2013. Fairfax County – Alternatives Analysis will investigate specific alternatives for Route 1 and is the first step toward completion of environmental documents phase that will allow implementation of enhanced transit.

9 9 Main Post - Mulligan Road Phase 1 Completed (Pole to Telegraph Road-Not Open to Traffic) Phase 2 Construction Start Fall 2011, Scheduled Completion Summer 2013 ( Route 1 to Telegraph, and Telegraph Road from Beulah to Leaf)

10 10 Mark Center – Fairfax County Possible Mason District Spot Improvements 1. Traffic Signal Optimization 2. Route 236 @ Beauregard Street 3. Route 236 @ Chowan Avenue/Cherokee Avenue 4. I-395 SB Off-Ramp @ Route 236 5. Lincolnia Road, Braddock Road to North Chambliss Street 6. Route 236, Braddock Road to I-395 7. South Van Dorn Street, I- 95/495 to Route 236 (or Sanger Avenue)

11 11 Mark Center - Alexandria Short & Mid-Term Improvements Construction Begins Summer 2012 Approximately half of proposed improvements to be complete by September 2012 All proposed improvements to be complete by December 2013 Estimated Cost $20M (DoD Funded)

12 12 Mark Center - Alexandria Long-Term Improvements Environmental Documents to be complete May 2012 Utility Relocation to be complete mid-2013 Construction Target Completion mid-2016 Estimated Cost $80M (State Funded)

13 13 Mark Center – Task Forces Mason District Task Force Restricted Parking Districts Cut Through / Traffic Calming Short Term Improvements Striping, signage and signals Long Term Improvements Improve capacity and safety at Route 236/Beauregard Street Mark Center Task Force Fairfax County is an Active Participant Six Work Groups: 1.Brainstorming – Short Term Solutions 2.Traffic Monitoring 3.Integrated Corridor Management 4.Transit and Transportation Demand Management (TDM) 5.Roadway Construction Coordination 6.Communications

14 14 BRAC – Transit Fairfax Connector BRAC Service Changes implemented Sep 3 for daily service and Sep 6 for weekday service Connector modified four routes, added five routes, eliminated four routes, increased service New service, Eagle Express, is the first service by Fairfax Connector to Main Post – express route to Fort Belvoir Community Hospital from F-S Metro. REX service modified to increase hours to cover 24/7 hospital shifts DASH Shuttles to Pentagon, King Street, W. Falls Church and F-S Metro

15 15 Regional - Frontier Drive Extension Design Only – Extension and traffic patterns at/around F-S Metro Station Final Design Completion – Dec 2011

16 16 BRAC – Schedule

17 17 BRAC – Schedule

18 18 BRAC – Additional Projects Other BRAC-Related Projects National Museum of the U.S. Army Fort Belvoir Master Plan Update Fort Belvoir Environmental Impact Statement Fort Belvoir Transportation Management Plan

19 19 BRAC – Path Forward Fairfax County Path Forward BRAC Work to Complete Incoming Off-post, Contractor and Support Development Ongoing Discretionary and Incremental Development Routine Planning and Integration Efforts Fort Belvoir Path Forward Ensure coordination of TMP by tenant organizations & agencies Conduct Transportation, Transit and Trail Planning in partnership with Local Jurisdiction and Existing Service Providers Conduct Master Planning in partnership with Local Jurisdiction Continue to provide a single Garrison Point of Contact This will allow local and state officials to plan proactively and to budget for anticipated improvements

20 20 BRAC – Fairfax County QUESTIONS? Laura Miller, PE, PMP, LEED AP Fairfax County BRAC Coordinator Fairfax County Department of Transportation 703-877-5686

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