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Standards Review Subcommittee Update February – April 2008 May 13, 2008 DRAFT.

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1 Standards Review Subcommittee Update February – April 2008 May 13, 2008 DRAFT

2 2 Free Template from 2 Accomplishments – Process Improvements Met three times –February 6 –March 6 –April 23 Established 2008 SRS meeting schedule Finalized the SRS Scope of Work posted at: e_of_work.pdf e_of_work.pdf Established SRS Exploder List

3 3 Free Template from 3 Accomplishments – Annual Plan (1.c) Operate Within Limits (R03017) as coordinated with the NERC schedule on the same development for reliability Annual Plan Item –(1.c.1) Review the need to develop business practice standards to support Operate Within Limits (R03017) March 6 –Recommendation posted for 30-day comment period on March 7, 2008. –Completed Annual Plan Item one quarter ahead of schedule. ( Make incremental enhancements to OASIS as an outgrowth of the NAESB March 29, 2005, conference on the future of OASIS (R05026)R05026 –Determined no additional work for SRS (Provisional Item 1) Develop and or modify business practices related to support of NERC effort on the NERC Resources and Transmission Adequacy and Inadvertent Interchange Data Standards BAL-006 revisions –Met with NERC Drafting Team Chair/NERC Staff – it was determined that no changes were required at that time to the NAESB business practices. Decision was made to keep the provisional item open.

4 4 Free Template from 4 Accomplishments – Recommendations/Minor Corrections Submitted comments on recommendations: –WEQ-001 changes for Rebid of Partial Service, Preconfirmation Priority, and Group 2: Metrics; Redispatch Cost Posting –ATC/TTC Narrative –WEQ-001 changes for ATC Information Link on OASIS and TTC and ATC Methodologies and Values Submitted comments on minor correction to Version 1 Business Practices WEQ 001- 1.7(b)

5 5 Free Template from 5 Ongoing Continue to track NERC Activity through the SRS Review of NERC Activity Report Beginning to review the NERC Reliability Standards Development Plan Provisional Items in the 2008 Annual Plan –5. Review market system back-up existing language and review of existing back-up language –6. Review and evaluation of whether to cutoff or put a size limit on the entities for which the standards apply Beginning to review NERC/NAESB definitions for consistency where applicable

6 6 Free Template from 6 Questions/Feedback Is the subcommittee working on the right things? Are there other activities the subcommittee should be performing?

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