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11 OASIS Subcommittee - Notification Task Force UPDATE May 29 2013.

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1 11 OASIS Subcommittee - Notification Task Force UPDATE May 29 2013

2 2 Scope and Goal Scope: NAESB has minimum standards to notify impacted parties of reductions or other changes as a result of Short-Term Competition and Preemption in WEQ-001 (OASIS) and WEQ-004 (Coordinate Interchange). Identify notification proposals for OASIS subcommittee (OS) discussion/motions. Goal: Provide the OS with notification options for their consideration. Include (1) existing NAESB and other standards, (2) pro/cons of existing and proposed features, and (3) proposed recommendation. 2

3 33 Proposed Timeline – June 2013 Categories under review for short- term competition E-Tag notifications (firm transmission) OASIS notifications (firm transmission) Review Existing standards/specifications Options – pros/cons Recommendations Others?

4 4 Status Current review Considered STF preemption scenarios (requests and reservations) Developed draft e-Tag notification options (and pros/cons) Reviewed current OASIS notification standards Still to do Develop draft OASIS notification options (and pros/cons) Review current e-Tag notification standards Consider STF competition scenarios Other?

5 5 E-Tag Notifications 1. Preemption (reductions) of a confirmed Reservation referenced on confirmed e- Tag(s) 2. Competition that results in a reduction of a confirmed Reservation that is referenced on confirmed e-Tag(s) Did not look at e-Tag notification for Transmission Service Request that have been Superseded, as such transmission would not be part of confirmed e-Tag

6 6 E-Tags that have lost transmission capacity due to preemption or competition This is a concern when confirmed reservations Conditional Window overlap into the Scheduling Window (primarily for Daily and Hourly products) No procedure to appropriately allocate these type of reductions of transmission to confirmed e-Tags When a reduced transmission reservation is referenced on multiple confirmed e-Tags, there could be many options on how that reduction is allocated to e-Tags Currently, the authorized parties that may reduce the transmission profile of a confirmed e-Tag does not include the TCH. A tag author is the only party allowed to make a market adjustment to the Transmission Profile on a e-tag

7 77 Related E-Tag Standards WEQ-004, Coordinate Interchange Addresses interchange deliveries Appendix A (Transaction e-Tag Actions) describes a reduction of transmission profile as a possible e- Tag action of certain approval entities, requiring TP approval. NERC reliability standards To be determined

8 88 E-Tags that have lost transmission capacity due to preemption or competition – Options being considered Maintain Status Quo: Currently there is no requirement for a Transmission Provider or Transmission Customer to notify PSE/Tag Author via the e-tag process when the supporting Reservation has lost capacity 1. Auto-notification to all potentially impacted e-Tag parties of a potential issue. 1. The TP send a Pre-Notification to PSE /Tag author when the TCH has lost Capacity used to support the e-tag (Heads up notification) 2. Auto-notification to smaller group of potentially impacted e-Tag parties of more certain issue 1. Allow the TCH to notify the Tag Author/PSE that they have lost their Capacity on XXXXX A-ref via the e-tag process. 3. Limit RFI (tagging) to the unconditional window a) Shorten Conditional window for reservations b) Do not allow RFI to be Accepted if the supporting Reservation is still deemed in its Unconditional window 4. Create ability for Transmission Contract Holder (TCH) to modify certain e-Tags: Allow TCH to submit a downward adjustment to the e- tag energy and transmission profile when TCH has lost Capacity on the Aref used to support the e-tag 5. Create pro-rata methodology for TP to implement allocated transmission and energy profile reductions on e-tags (if no action) Others?

9 99 OASIS notifications Preempted OASIS requests (TSR that are Superseded) Preempted OASIS reservations (NT has Pre-empted PTP) Competed OASIS reservations (on hold until competition procedure is finalized) The following are initial OASIS standard review for notification descriptions.

10 10 Preempted OASIS requests When PTP requests are not confirmed due to a subsequent, higher tiered request 001-4.17: once request is denied (and will be in its entirety), AREF of competing request and reason is to be described in the comment field 001-4.18: state change dynamically notified if customer requested such notification on OASIS Others?

11 11 Preempted OASIS reservations When confirmed, conditional PTP reservations are displaced or reduced by a higher tiered request Same as for Preempted Requests, except that partial reductions are allowed. 013-2.4.1 (Displacement-No ROFR): the status of Displaced indicates reservation is displaced in its entirety. Otherwise, a portion is reduced. Others?

12 12 Competed OASIS reservations When confirmed, conditional PTP reservations are not matched, or otherwise displaced/reduced by a higher tiered request 001-4.19: implies Counteroffer status made to notify customer the subsequent match offer 013-2.4.4 (Displacement-With ROFR): the following are the actions that will initiate electronic notification, if customer has elected to receive such notification Competing_Request_Flag is set to Y Seller_Comments include the AREF of the competing request The status change associated with the Customers matching request, and the status change associated with that Competing_Request_Flag is set back to N once the result of the competition is resolved

13 13 Proposed for June 2013 OS Proposal to identify/resolve e-Tags orphaned Proposal for OASIS notifications Others?

14 14 Notification Task Force participants Providers Danielle Johnson (BPAT) Ron Robinson (TVA) OASIS system Paul Sorenson (OATi) Customers Joel Jencks, Marie Pompel, and Ann Shintani (BPAP) Rhyan Kyle (PSEM) Cory Anderson, Robin Cross (SCL) Kim Haugen (Snohomish) Rhea Payne, Rick Applegate (Tacoma) E-Tag system None

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