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1 Iceland

2 Map of Iceland

3 Iceland’s Flag

4 Country Quick Facts Iceland
Capital City: Reykjavik, home to almost half the people of Iceland Main Religions: Christianity (mainly Lutheran, some Catholic) Main People Groups: Icelandic, some Danish and Swedish Main Languages: Icelandic, Danish, English

5 More Quick Facts Iceland
Location: Iceland is an island near the top of the globe, in the North Atlantic Ocean. You can find it between Norway and Greenland. The Land: Most of Iceland is mountains, glaciers, and flat lands formed by lava from volcanoes. Almost all the people live in the south by the sea. There are beautiful lakes, and hot springs water the land. People use this hot water from the earth to heat their homes and factories.

6 More Quick Facts Iceland
Weather: Iceland is not as cold as you might think—about 30 degrees in January and 51 degrees in July. But winds from the North Pole can make it bitter cold even in the summertime.

7 LET’S PRAY… for the missionaries and pastors in Iceland.
for the kids of Iceland, that they will learn to live for Jesus.

8 BGMC provides lots of the equipment and supplies for the radio station and for the televison programs in Iceland

9 Children’s television program called “Victory Lion and Friends” using the lion costume purchased by BGMC

10 Lion costume at a children’s crusade in Iceland.

11 BGMC provides all the supplies for the kids crusades and VBS’s in Iceland

12 PowerMark was the first Christian magazine to be printed in Iceland—all paid for by BGMC

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