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Module4 Unit3 Revision. My favorite performer Guess: Who is it? 1. He is a famous performer throughout the world. 2. He starred in many comedies. 3. He.

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1 Module4 Unit3 Revision

2 My favorite performer Guess: Who is it? 1. He is a famous performer throughout the world. 2. He starred in many comedies. 3. He made many people laugh by his nonverbal humour. 4. His most famous film is The Gold Rush. Charlie Chaplin Charlie Chaplin has a good s____ of humour. The films in which he p________ are still very popular _________ ( ). People __________ the world think highly of his p___________. sense performed up to now throughout performance all over the world play the leading role in

3 Comments on Chaplin Lynn Jarvis says: Nov. 7, 2010 at 1:04 pm ….He is a charming man. His acting made everything entertaining. He is outstanding in many fields……. Charming Entertaining Outstanding

4 Describe the little tramp with the help of given words. With time _____ (go) by, Chaplins charming character, the little tramp, became known throughout the world. The tramp, a _____ (bad) off and _________ (home) man with a moustache, wore large trousers, ________________(wear out) shoes and a small round black hat, carrying a stick. ________________ (fortunate), this character was a social ______ (fail), but was loved for his optimism and determination to get over all difficulties. He seemed to be content with his life. Charming character little tramp going =As time went by badly homeless Unfortunately failure worn-out shoes moustache walking stick small, round, black hat big trousers overcome worn-out/worn well off well off, badly off Chaplin was born in a ____________ family. When he was young, his father died, leaving the family even _______. However, with hard work, he became ________ gradually. As a matter of fact, he was _________ than most of people after becoming famous. badly off worse off well off better off 1. (2010 ) Frankly speaking, its peoples ________ to keep their promise that really annoys me. A. habit B. mistake C. loss D. failure 2. (2010 ) As an actor, Charlie Chaplin was _____ great success. However, his four marriages all ended in ______ failure. A. a; / B. a; a C. /; / D. /; a A. a; / D. failure failure, success, surprise, shock, pleasure, comfort, help a, The news of Chaplins death came as a great shock.

5 Chaplin never ____________________________________ ( ) he had made. He never _____________________ ( ) remain where he was. He was always considering how to improve his acting and he never _____________________ ( ). Learn to use be/feel content (adj.) /satisfied with ….. =content (v.) oneself with …… be content (adj.) /satisfied to do …. contented himself with the achievements felt content to felt content with his acting (2010 ) _______ with present work and life makes him very happy. A. Content B. Being content C. Contented D. Contenting B. Being content

6 EntertainingEntertaining acting Chaplins acting made everything entertaining. In the film The Gold Rush, the little tramp was a _________ gold miner. One day he was so hungry that he boiled a pair of leather shoes for dinner. First Chaplin ___________ the laces and ate them with great enjoyment. Then he _______ the leather top of the shoe as if it were the finest steak. His acting was so __________ that it looked as if he ______________ his meal. convince, badly off, cut off, pick out, be content with badly off picked out cut off convincing was content with

7 Learn to use In the film The Gold Rush, Chaplins acting was so _________ that everyone was ____________ that he was content to eat shoes. His entertaining acting _________ people of the truth that when in trouble, we should keep optimistic. convince vt., convincing adj. convinced be convinced + that ….. =believe that convinced convincing convince sb of sth/the fact that/the truth that….. ….. --- Do you like Chaplins films? --- Sure. __________________________ ( ) that laughter is the sun that drives winter away. --- Is your life really hard? --- Sometimes. But I _________________ ( ) everything will become better. They convince me of the truth am convinced that Complete the dialogue. (2009 ) _______ that the bread had gone bad, he cut off a piece of it and tasted it. A. Not convincing B. Not convinced C. Not be convinced D. Being not convinced B. Not convinced Because he was not convinced that…

8 In order not to be social failure, Chaplin overcame many difficulties. He made others laughed when they felt depressed. Up to now, nobody had been able to do this better. He wrote, directed and produced the films in where he starred. In 1972 he was given a special Oscar for his outstanding works in films. He is loved and remembered as a great actor who should inspire people with great confidence. Outstanding achievements Correct 6 mistakes. laugh has in where which work a could

9 Charlie Chaplin is my favorite performer, _________________ _______________ ( ). He not only __________ ( ) films but also directed them. One of his most famous films is The Gold Rush, in which he enjoyed a meal by __________ ( ) the laces and _________ ( ) the leather shoes. His entertaining acting is so convincing that I _____________ ( ) that he is content to eat shoes. I like this film, because it convinces me that if we can ________________ ( ), we will not be social failures. After watching his movies, ______________________________ ( ). What we can learn from this charming man is that _____________ ( ), we should keep confident, optimistic and determined. My comment on Chaplins film who is outstanding in many fields starred in picking out cutting off am convinced overcome all difficulties I feel much more content with my life whenever in trouble

10 Someone else? Who? Why? failure overcome convince badly-off/well off unfortunately outstanding star in cut off pick out up to now be content to do/with throughout the world ? Your favorite performer What can you learn from him/her? Mr. Bean

11 120 1. 2. 3. Xiao Shengyang Stephen Chow Rowan Atkinson Erren zhuan badly off Famous keep a low profile ( ) not lack money ( ) talented creative reasonless humour ( ) be well received many awards English Mr. Bean facial expressions be well received many awards 2008 Your favorite performer

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