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Data Publishing Service Indiana University Stacy Kowalczyk April 9, 2010.

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1 Data Publishing Service Indiana University Stacy Kowalczyk April 9, 2010

2 Questions Which phases of the data life cycle are managed by your repository? How do data management requirements differ across the data life cycle? What systems do you use to support the data life cycle? Can you generalize the mechanisms used to migrate data between different phases of the data life cycle?

3 Data Publishing Service A new service of the IUScholarWorks institutional repository and the Scholarly Data Services Providing data management support and data access Data will have a persistent URL so it can be linked to publications The service will combine our DSpace repository with IUs Scholarly Data system (formerly known as MDSS), a system that researchers are already uses Allows discovery over the Web Preservation – bit level

4 Current Data Lifecycle Model Implementation Scholarly Data Service Data creation research design data management planning data collection (surveying, experimentation, measuring etc.) data checking and cleaning Data analysis analysis derived data creation creation of data documentation End of research research outputs preparing data for preservation IU ScholarWorks Preservation of data storage of data migration to suitable format/medium metadata creation Distribution/publication of data Re-use of data by same researcher by other researchers

5 Scholarly Data Service Massive Data Storage System Current system for research data storage Installed in 1998 Based on IBM developed High Performance Storage System (HPSS) software It offers over 2.8 petabytes of disk- and tape-based storage. Distributed between Indianapolis and Bloomington campuses

6 IUB Subsystem IUPUI Subsystem Research Network Research Network Bloomington Users Bloomington Users Indianapolis Users Indianapolis Users HPSS Movers HPSS Movers HPSS Movers HPSS Movers Research Network Research Network TCP/IP Wide Area Network SAN IUB Campus Network IUPUI Campus Network Disk Arrays Tape Library Disk Arrays Tape Library HPSS Core Servers HPSS Core Servers Distributed between IUB and IUPUI

7 Data Publishing in IU Scholarworks Discovery and access of datasets and related publications through the IUScholarWorks Repository service DSpace records that are searchable, indexed, and harvested and available at stable URLs DSpace records that contain DSpace bitstreams for small datasets DSpace records that link via stable URLs to large datasets in IU MDSS

8 IU MDSS MDSS web server HTTP Server hpssfs filesystem IUScholarWorks Data: Linking to MDSS and delivery via HTTP Item record with URLs of datasets in MDSS

9 Data Publishing in IU Scholarworks Facilitating the submission process for both the researcher and collection manager We facilitate the process for submitters via the DSpace Configurable Submission system We facilitate the data collection managers process via steps in the DSpace workflow system

10 IU MDSS Initiate MDSS actions (move datasets, etc.) Instructions and preparation Describe item metadata form(s) Review step File upload step MDSS and dataset info/form Finalize/ Accept License IUScholarWorks Data: Item submission user interface Phase 2, automated workflow DSpace Configurable Submission System Non-interactive processing steps Update metadata Query MDSS technical metadata (checksum, etc.)

11 Planning for a More Curated Life Cycle Model February 10, 2014

12 Active and Social Curation Engage researchers during projects not at the end Use immediate benefits to drive automatic capture and 'volunteering of metadata Reduce costs by re-engineering curation processes to leverage this rich metadata and volunteered effort

13 Appraisal and Selection Trusted Di gital Repository Federation (OAIS compliant) Scholarly Communication Preservation Actions Compound Objects - OAI-ORE Dissemination Packages Ingest, AIPs Active Data Systems Data Acquisition, Analysis and Simulation Search, Browse, Annotation, Visualization Tools Metadata Management DDI3. METS, PREMIS, MODS, DC, SensorML, OGC, … Automated Curation Workflow/Rule Engine Operates on Metadata, Content Objects and Trigger Events Access Mechanisms and E-Scholarship Services Migration and Emulation Tools Use, Reuse, Repurposing Tools Wide-Area File System Ingest scripts: fixity, integrity, authentication, transformation Active CurationOAIS Repository Federation Curation Boundary User Contributor

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