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Funding system for research Research Infrastructure

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1 Funding system for research Research Infrastructure
Danish EU Presidency, Funding system for research and Research Infrastructure Peter Sloth, Head of Division for Research Infrastructure Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation NuPECC NBI Friday 15 June 2012

2 From ideas to solutions – H2020 principles
Increase the focus on relevance, impact and grand societal challenges Promote a close link between research and innovation Excellence as the main criterion for EU research and innovation funding Major simplification Ensure enhanced participation of SME’s Promote effective operational links towards the educational programmes and the structural funds

3 Danish Presidency conferences
Conference on Excellence April Discussions on excellence - what, why and how Input to the negotiations on the Horizon 2020 Opening conference on the Horizon February 2012 Discussion on the Commissions proposal for Horizon 2020 Input to the informal Council meeting Research Infrastructure conference March 2012 Biannual ICRI conference back-to-back with ESFRI meeting Conference on Science and Society April 2012 How can the dialogue between R&I and the society be enhanced and lead to more sustainable and social responsible R&I agendas Input to the negotiations on the Horizon 2020 Informal seminar with EU Parliament, Commission on Horizon 2020 April 2012 Informel policy discussion on central topics in Horizon 2020


5 Danish memberships of larger international RIs
ESA, CERN, ESO, EMBL, ESRF total 400 M DKK a year ILL preliminary membership to be decided XFEL from M DKK a year for construction ESS located in Lund, Sweden and Copenhagen, Denmark (on the programme of today)

6 The Danish programme for research infrastructures
Support Establishment of large, national research infrastructures Danish participation in international research infrastructures Design studies, feasibility studies etc. Guiding principle All proposals will be examined with regards to both their scientific value and the possible strategic impact Possibility for prioritization between national and international projects within all fields of science Proposals will only be funded if the realization of the project is in line with the strategic planning of the possible hosting institution

7 The Danish roadmap Six scientific panels
Humanities and Social Sciences Energy, Climate and Environmental Sciences Biotech, Health and Life Sciences Materials Technology and Nanotechnology Physical Sciences e-Science Call for suggestions Panels prioritized 3 cases each Ministry wrote a roadmap Direct dialogue between researchers and Ministry Direct dialogue between managements of Universities and the Ministri Speed: Within 1 year, 6 projects were funded

8 National RI investments from ministry
Up to 2009 about 800 mill. DKK in total invested for national RIs through competition The Danish Governments “Globalization initiative” gave 2 x 120 mill. DKK in 2010/ 2011 for national RI investments through a non-competitive proces – The Roadmapnarrow (6 projects funded: Digital Humanities lab, Large Scale national Wind tunnel, EATRIS, Danish Solid state NMR instrument centre, DanSeis – national Seismic instrument centre and eScience) In addition a decision on the ESS was taken – Political decision

9 Principles! Project & researcher
Competition on project level and research groups as usual – excellence Principles! RI level Cooperation between universities on RIs to build on excellence and to build excellence OPEN consortia to implement RIs – Roadmap projects OPEN means actively inviting all relevant participants National RI investments to benefit the total research community - or the single university can pay by itself! Universities to commit together in financing of RI of national interest (together with ministry)

10 European Strategy Forum of RI (ESFRI)
Roadmap ready Roadmap need to be implemented: Need to prioritize and cooperate Need to cooperate globaly on financing

11 Thank you – any questions?

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