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One UN Results Reporting Prototype Consultation Workshop UN DOCO New York, NY – 10-11 September 2009.

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1 One UN Results Reporting Prototype Consultation Workshop UN DOCO New York, NY – 10-11 September 2009

2 2 What I bring, What I take Away

3 3 Agenda Welcome and Purpose Introductions and Expectations Recent Feedback Purpose of One UN Report Structure and Content UNDAF Annual Review Process Role of UN Agencies Open Space Discussion of Issues (Day 2) Roles of UN Agencies (Day 2)

4 4 Break

5 5 An Appreciative Lens The only real voyage of discovery exists, not in seeing new landscapes, but in having new eyes. Marcel Proust (French novelist)

6 6 Appreciative Interviews Select a partner you do not know at your table Take turns interviewing each other for 5 minutes each Takes notes on Interview Notes Sheet Be prepared to tell your partners story

7 7 Appreciative Interview Report out (at tables) Share your partners successes and wishes with table (about 2 minutes per person) Listen for themes Record successes & wishes on flipcharts

8 8 Table Roles Discussion Leader RecorderReporter Time Keeper

9 9 Purpose of One UN Report What purpose does the One UN Report serve? Consult support documentation As a table group, identify top 3 purposes (15 )

10 10 Report out

11 11 Key Stakeholders (at tables) Identify the top 5 stakeholders –Their roles in the process –Their needs from the One UN Report (15)

12 12 Lunch

13 13 Structure and Content Paul presents

14 14 Structure and Content (table discussion) What are the important elements that need to be included in the report? Consult support documentation Discuss, and select the top 5 as a table team. Write each one on a separate card (legibly) Place on sticky wall

15 15 Structure and Content (table discussion) Organize around each key topic/issue For each key topic/issue –What is this topic/issue about? –What needs to be clarified further? –What examples from the field can we contribute to show how different report elements should be developed Take notes of flipchart

16 16 Break

17 17 Report out

18 18 UNDAF Annual Review Process (Paul presents)

19 19 UNDAF Annual Review Process (table discussion) Edit the schematic presentation of the annual UNDAF process? What can come out from the theme group and joint outcome review levels that can help the One UN Report? What is the relationship between individual agency reporting and UNDAF reporting? Review support documentation

20 20 Report out

21 21 End of Day One Remember: Open Space Discussion Tomorrow!

22 22 Day 2 Agenda Recap of Day 1 Open Space Discussions Role of UN agencies in supporting process Workshop Synthesis Personal Feedback Words of Thanks Close of Workshop

23 23 Structure and Content Paul presents

24 24 Identify Topics What needs further discussion/ clarification? What work still needs to be done? If you have a topic, write it on a card and place on sticky wall

25 25 Choose what to discuss Discussion Leader role: to ensure an effective discussion and apply the ground rules for the smaller group meeting. Reporter role: take notes on flipchart, and present to the larger group A group of one is fine Discuss until you are done-post your report

26 26 Rules of Open Space All ideas are valid Be respectful and encourage everyones participation You can agree to disagree and note that in your report Honor the law of two feet If you need to talk to somebody not present, go get him or her

27 27 Report out

28 28 Break

29 29 Role of UN Agencies (table discussion) In what ways can UN agencies support the process to make the report a success? (15) Take notes on flipchart

30 30 Lunch

31 31 Workshop Synthesis In groups of 3-4 develop a headline that would convey one important thing that happened in our 2-day workshop (10 minutes)

32 32 Personal Reflection Please fill out feedback form (5) Turn in to facilitator when done

33 33 A Word of Thanks

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