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Six-Month CS Report Presentation to MG on 2 June 2005.

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1 Six-Month CS Report Presentation to MG on 2 June 2005

2 Objectives 1. Take stock of CS programme implementation and constraints since Oct 2004 roll-out. 2.Review CS Regional Approach and provide recommendations for MG/WG action.

3 Regional CS Performance 1.Latin America/Caribbean – above par, ongoing 2.Eastern/Southern Africa – on par, ongoing 3.West/Central Africa – behind schedule, expect pick-up 4.Asia and Pacific – on par (tsunami factor), expect pick-up 5.Europe/CIS – behind schedule (team load) 6.Middle East/North Africa – no progress (team dissolved)

4 POSITIVES 1.Regional Approach – generally appropriate and valid, promotes ownership and regional team coordination. 2.Workshops and Missions – workshops are welcome for purposes of establishing or enhancing OMT work. Tech missions requested by advanced CO. 3.Website Support – CS regional locker rooms as a tool for facilitation and country dbase. 4.HIV/AIDS Workplace – pilot effort, contributes to OMT understanding of HAW as a possible CS

5 CONSTRAINTS 1.CSE workload and capacity (part-timers) 2.Regional Team Leader - added workload 3.CS not in their Job Description or Performance reports 4.CSE release from supervisors (not a priority) 5.CSE selection – no emergency duty stations, positive political will 6.MG advocacy needs to be stronger with country agency heads (ie. CS Mandatory)

6 RECOMMENDATIONS for MG A.CS Regional Team Leaders: 1. Full-time Regional CS Advisers for each region or 2.1 Urgently appoint Regional CS Adviser WCA (done!) 2.2 Appoint a full time Regional CS Adviser to cover both Europe/CIS and Middle East/NA (until end 06) B. Use of JPOs/temp NOs to support regional team leaders/members. C. CS in the job descriptions of country agency heads and all operations staff.

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