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ProStart Year One Chapter Three

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1 ProStart Year One Chapter Three
Preventing Accidents and Injuries

2 Why Safety? Customers Employees

3 OSHA – Occupational Safety and Health Administration
Federal Agency that creates and enforces safety related standards in the workplace. Employers are required by law to inform employees of the job safety and health protection provided.

4 MSDS Material Safety Data Sheets
Describe hazards of chemicals. Each product has its own MSDS. Most can be found on the internet.

5 For Example Clorox Bleach

6 Safety Audit Inspection of facilities, equipment, practices and management. In the form of a checklist.

7 Kitchen Shoes Skid resistant soles Low heels
Lace up tightly or no laces Heat, water and grease resistant Closed toe style

8 Class of Fire Extinguisher
A: Ordinary combustibles B: Flammable liquids C: Electrical Equipment

9 PASS Pull Pin Aim at the base Squeeze the trigger
Sweep from side to side

10 Preventing Falls Verbally Warn Block Area Clean Area
Leave sign until safe

11 Lifting and Carrying Safely
Establish solid footing Align the body Make the lift Set down the load

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