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Research: Critical for Global Health Insert Your Name & the Date of the Presentation Here.

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1 Research: Critical for Global Health Insert Your Name & the Date of the Presentation Here

2 Medical research changes our lives

3 Medical Research: Big domestic and global paybacks 51% decline in death rates from stroke, 1975 to 2000 70% reduction in AIDS-related deaths (U.S.), 1995-2001 Researchers discovered oral rehydration therapy for diarrhea, Pedialyte, that has saved childrens lives world wide

4 New medical tools needed to fight global diseases Malaria - 247 million cases a year. Needed: better diagnostics, better drugs, better prevention, and a vaccine. Tuberculosis - 1 in 3 worldwide have been exposed to TB (have latent TB). Needed: better diagnostics, better drugs, and an effective vaccine. HIV/AIDS - Worldwide epidemic is spreading. Needed: better drugs and a vaccine.

5 Medical research should not neglect global health, but has Over 30 years, 1,556 new drugs brought to market: 179 for cardiovascular disease 21 for tuberculosis and tropical diseases Tuberculosis and tropical diseases affect the same number of people as cardiovascular disease.

6 Global health matters to us for public health reasons In 2003, SARS originated in Asia. Spread worldwide in a matter of weeks. West Nile virus originated in Africa. Now in nearly every state in the U.S. Extensively drug resistant tuberculosis is spreading globally. Has been reported in the United States.

7 Global health matters to us for economic reasons (Here it would be helpful to add information on how global health affects your state, available at health/publications/global-health-and-your- state.html)

8 Global health matters to us for diplomatic and security reasons Growing consensus that global health is linked to security: –National Academy of Sciences News Release, Dec. 15, 2008: Global Health Should Be Key Component of U.S. Foreign Policy –Report on presentation of Dr. S. Ward Casscells, assistant secretary of defense for health affairs, Jan. 2009: Global Health Key to Security Improvements

9 It is part of maintaining our scientific leadership China gunning for brain gain The Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) says that it will pay for thousands of overseas scholars and scientists to come and work in China over the next five years.

10 Government has a major role in global health research

11 National Institutes of Health (NIH) Annual budget of $30 billion + Operates 27 Institutes and Centersit is Americas leading research institute 80 percent of NIH funds go to state institutions and businesses as grants and research contracts NIH components most focused on global health: –National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) –Fogarty International Center

12 The Centers for Disease Control

13 Department of Defense The Department of Defense researches global disease threats to our troops and U.S. civilians abroad. Several programs within DOD conduct research on global infectious diseases.

14 United States Agency for International Development USAID extends assistance to countries recovering from disaster, trying to escape poverty, and engaging in democratic reforms. Health research is integral to USAIDs assistance work

15 Our investment in global health research = inadequate U.S. government research spending on eight leading neglected infectious diseases was $376 million in 2007

16 Strong agency funding essential to global health research

17 Research is expensive and results arent guaranteed Basic research to preclinical to Phase I, II, and III trials

18 But there are immediate paybacks Immediate economic benefit to states from research dollars that flow to them Our presence through overseas research can enhance goodwill Having systems in place can stop disease threats now

19 In your advocacy, make the benefits immediate and local In your advocacy, talk about how research dollars that go to your state spur economic growth – use global health examples Talk about how global health matters to your state Adding data on any local global health threats – for example, TB cases or West Nile – can be effective

20 In your advocacy, be aware of the audiences special interests Check Committee assignments and special interests of the person youre meeting with and be sure to focus on those –For example, if youre talking to someone interested in defense, make the security argument up front

21 In your advocacy, have a specific request if you can Helps to make your voice heard and to let members of Congress know that you think global health research is important. Members of Congress dont expect you to know all the answers, but -- if you can -- it helps to have a specific request: –This can be for research on a specific disease or funding related to a specific agency –Before your meeting, find out where Congress is in the funding (appropriations) cycle and see what advocacy groups are asking for. You can reference requests that they have made public.

22 Groups that can be sources for funding requests AIDS Vaccine Advocacy Coalition: ADIS vaccine research funding Alliance for Microbicide Development: Funding for HIV microbicides American Society for Tropical Medicine and Hygiene: Funding for research on malaria and tropical diseases Infectious Disease Society of America: Funding for TB research Research ! America: Overall NIH advocacy The CDC Coalition: Overall CDC advocacy Treatment Action Group: TB and HIV/AIDS research funding

23 The Americas were declared polio free in 1994 Polio vaccine, 1955-2005: * averted 1.1 million polio cases * saved 160,000 lives * economic benefit = > $180 billion

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