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One Budgetary Framework & One UN Fund One UN in Tanzania.

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1 One Budgetary Framework & One UN Fund One UN in Tanzania

2 One Budgetary Framework: Clarifies the overall UN investment in Tanzania Identifies funding gaps for the One Programme Facilitates fund-raising Facilitates funding forecasts Facilitates implementation planning Improves the UN input to MTEF Provides information for Paris Indicators monitoring Defines baseline for progress monitoring

3 One Budgetary Framework The snapshot of the consolidated UN investment in Tanzania: As of 20 September 2007 For 18 months, July 2007 – December 2008 19 UN Organizations included – 17 Residents and 2 NRs Based on both UNDAF and the One Programme Funding gap identified

4 The UN Investment in Tanzania UNDAF + non-UNDAF (humanitarian/regional) = US$310 million UNDAF (development) = US$200 million* One Programme = US$74 million* One Programme proportion compared with UNDAF 2007/2008: 37% *: includes support costs

5 One Programme (US$ million) 74 UNDAF 200 2007-2008: One Programme & UNDAF One Programme UNDAF 37% 63%

6 One UN Programme vs UNDAF July - Dec 2007Jan - Dec 2008Total - 18 Months UNDAF 63 137 200 Non-UNDAF 49 61 110 Total UN Investment 112 198 310 Total One Programme 24 50 74

7 Funding GAPs July - Dec 2007Jan - Dec 2008 Total 18 Months UNDAF and non-UNDAF Funded 81 72 153 Likely to be Funded 6 61 67 Unfunded 25 65 90 Total 112 198 310 One Programme Funded 17 15 32 Likely to be Funded 2 10 12 Unfunded 5 25 30 Total 24 50 74

8 Funded(US$ million)32 Likely to be funded12 Unfunded30 2007-2008 One Programme Budget Breakdown

9 MA JP1 7% MA JP2 7% MA JP6.1 7% MA JP6.2 7% NP Services NP Goods Services NP Technical Assistance 7% PUN Funds Transfer and Procurement through GOT Systems PUN AA (MDTFO) 1%: pass-through Donors One UN Fund Pooled fund for the unfunded One Programme GOT/UN Joint Steering Committee RCCMT MA JP3 7% MA JP5 7% MA JP4 7% Disbursement Instruct to disburse Administrative Agent: AA Managing Agent: MA Participating UN Organizations: PUN National/Sub-national Partners: NP

10 GOT/UN Joint Steering Committee (JSC) RCCMT Administrative AgentManaging Agents Administers the One Fund as per MOU One stop shop for donors/RC-JSC Executes instructions from RC-JSC Receives funds from donors and keeps them in One Fund, a trust fund Does not account donor provided funds as income Disburses funds to MAs Compiles and provides financial, narrative reports to RC Reports on the One Fund Prepares an overall audit summary report and submit it to RC/PUN Manage funds for JPs One stop shop for AA Receive funds from the One Fund through AA Account allocated funds as income Manage JPs and follow-up implementation (accountable for achievement of results and financial mgt) Disburse funds to NPs Procure goods and services Instruct AA to transfer funds to PUNs for direct execution Responsible for financial,narrative reports Provide a summary audit to AA (IAS) : Decision-Making

11 Thank You

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