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Metadata-Dublin Core CEN/ISSS Workshop - MMI-DC zIan Campbell-Grant, zICL zChair, CEN/ISSS Workshop MMI-DC z23rd October 2001

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1 Metadata-Dublin Core CEN/ISSS Workshop - MMI-DC zIan Campbell-Grant, zICL zChair, CEN/ISSS Workshop MMI-DC z23rd October 2001

2 European Dublin Core Workshop (CEN/ISSS Workshop MMI-DC) z To promote within Europe the development, implementation and application of standardised metadata schemes, specifically including current and future Dublin Core standards. z In support of existing and future European projects, an open forum in which Dublin Core metadata standards related issues get addressed. zEstablished in Europe as lead EU player in this area

3 Endorsement of Dublin Core CWA 13874 zCEN/ISSS agreed CWA for Dublin Core Version 1.1 – CWA 13874 zDublin Core Metadata Element Set: Reference Description zFormal endorsement for European applications (especially for government agencies)

4 Metadata Dublin Core Existing Workshop Deliverables z Dublin Core – CWA recommendation. z Guidance information for European industry – CWA recommendation. z Web based Observatory on Metadata - assessing Dublin Core and metadata initiatives/activities – CWA recommendation

5 MMI-DC Workshop Future activities zOngoing workshop confirmed zFuture Status agreed September, 2001 zSpecific activities planned zEU funding in process (variety of agencies) zSome established; some being established

6 eEurope zeEurope include these key actions: zStimulate the use of the Internet zGovernment on-line: electronic access to public services. zEuropean Youth in the Digital Age zParticipation for All in the Knowledge Based Economy

7 Open European Forum - Metadata zSharing of information zAddressing metadata standards issues zEU and National European projects zPresentations captured onto MMI-DC Web

8 European work to progress Metadata +Dublin Core zFocus for European participation zRelation with DCMI zEstablishing a European role in DCMI zFor example, detailed guidance zEU project being established

9 Domain specific metadata Application profiles zFor use of Dublin Core in specific domains zWide involvement of stakeholders zGuidelines on Application Profiles - CWA zE-Government Application Profile - CWA zMMI-DC to involve across Europe zEU support through CEN/ISSS

10 Semantic interoperability (Mapping/crosswalks CWA) zAgreed need for development zWide involvement of stakeholders zTo facilitate Domain interoperability zInitial focus geographic area zCWA defining mapping ISO 19115 and DC zEU project being established

11 MMI-DC Observatory CEN/ISSS Workshop MMI-DC CWA 13989 z Web Observatory linking European activities z A way to find information about European projects and activities on metadata with: y high quality of information y constant quality over time y high coverage of activities in Europe y up-to-date overview of activities

12 This Web based Observatory is part of CEN MMI-DC workshop. The Observatory will maintain and promote a knowledge base for metadata for multimedia information to continually assess relationships between Dublin Core and other initiatives - in order to assist evolution of standardised metadata schemes. The Observatory identifies the key activities currently being undertaken in Europe and across the world : the scope of these activities and related work in European projects and programmes. This is an activity with a European focus and an important aspect of the Observatory will be the coverage of European projects.

13 Metadata Web ring zPromoting collaboration existing + future DC European projects zWeb page hosted by CEN/ISSS zInitial projects: Diffuse, Metadata server, Schemas, Observatory zIntended to grow zExisting European project

14 Revision/update to guidance zCEN Workshop Agreement - CWA 13988 Guidance Information for the use of Dublin Core in Europe zGuidance for European Organisations/Industry for those considering adoption of Dublin Core (strategic decision makers; providers; implementers) z More detailed guidance to be progressed within the DCMI activities z Revision of CWA13988 currently in preparation z Existing EU support

15 eContent programme zOne part of eEurope programme zItself a 150 Million ECU programme (~$135M) zTo tackle barriers which prevent fully exploiting potential of the global Internet zAdopted in December, 2000

16 eContent Programme eContent link project CEN/ISSS MMI-DC Metadata bodies & consortia Users metadata requirements metadata experience metadata advice metadata requirements & contributions eContent link project

17 DC-9 MMI-DC Representatives zIf you need more information, key representatives participating in DC-9: Chair:Ian Campbell-Grant ICL Secretary: Leif Andresen Danish National Library Authority z

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