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Erin Hogbin Student Professional Activities Committee Chair Kristi Brooks Region 4 S-PAC Coordinator

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1 Erin Hogbin Student Professional Activities Committee Chair Kristi Brooks Region 4 S-PAC Coordinator S-PAC Fundamentals 26 April 2008 Indianapolis, IN IEEE-USA Annual Meeting

2 Wouldnt It Be Great If… l Every IEEE Student Branch in your Region Was Active And Successful? l Student Branches Had Financial Resources For Quality Programs? l Students Felt IEEE Was Valuable To Their Education And Career? l All Graduates in Your Region Retained Their IEEE Membership and were Active? Students are the Regions and Sections Future Volunteers

3 Benefits of Good Relationships l Increased interaction between a Section and Branch Leads to…. l More successful section and region events/meetings with increased attendance l Open doors for joint/shared meetings l Future skilled volunteers for the Section l Potential increase in number of active Chapters How is this done…

4 What is Professional Awareness? l As defined within IEEE: Professional awareness is the emphasizing of the importance of the non-technical aspects of engineering to engineers and future engineers. l Professional awareness categories: l Career Growth l Working l Professional Ethics and Social Responsibility l Self-Management l Engineers and Public Policy l Importance of the Professional Society

5 Examples of Issues Related to Professional Awareness l Career Growth l Continuing Education l Effective Communication l Working l Balancing Work With Personal Life l Expectations vs. Reality l Professional Ethics & Social Responsibility l Individual and Corporate Responsibility l Coping with Ethical Dilemmas

6 l Self-Management l Managing Your Career l Time Management l Engineer and Public Policy l Grassroots Activism l Understanding How Government Works l Importance of the Professional Society l Networking l Benefits Examples of Issues Related to Professional Awareness

7 How Does IEEE Promote Professional Awareness to Students? Student Professional Awareness Conferences (S-PACs) Student Leadership Training Workshops Student Professional Awareness Ventures (S-PAVes)


9 What are S-PACs? l Student-Professional Awareness Conferences l Students plan and run the event l Presentation or panel format related to professional awareness categories l Topics are selected by students in consultation with SPAC Regional Coordinators (Regions 1-6) who will advise on finding speakers

10 What are S-PAVes? l Student-Professional Awareness Ventures l Venture can take on any form except presentation format l Student Branch submits proposal based on the professional awareness categories with budget and schedule l The students do all project management l Start-up funds are available to initiate venture

11 Examples of S-PAVe Formats l Mock Interviews l Resume Writing Skill Development l Role Playing and Videotaping of an Ethical Dilemma/Situation l Networking/Etiquette Dining l Creating a Skit Depicting Expert Testimony in a Courtroom

12 Benefits to Students l Students gain insight into topics pertinent to their careers, such as financial planning and career growth l Attendees leave with a continuous consciousness of non-technical aspects that will be useful for the rest of their lives l Student conference committee members gain valuable management and planning skills l Student Branches build momentum for holding regular events in the future l Potential growth and income opportunity for Branch S-PACs and S-PAVes Teach Students to be Leaders

13 Benefits to Regions/Sections l Students begin to understand how IEEE works for engineers and what resources are available l Students are retained as members after graduation l Students learn to become active IEEE Section and Region Volunteers Many current IEEE members started as Student members!

14 Steps for Organizing an S-PAC or S-PAVe

15 STEP 1. Contact the SPAC Coordinator when the Branch has Decided on the Event Date R5–Kristi Hummel R5–Nolan Wright R6–Erin Hogbin R6–Kim Motonaga R4–Kristi Hummel R4–Kristi Brooks R3–James Howard R3–James Howard R2–John Paserba R2–Joe Burns R1–Vishnu Pandey R1–Bala Prasanna

16 SPAC Contacts l ChairErin l Vice-ChairKristi l Past-ChairJohn l IEEE USA StaffSandra l Region 1Bala Prasanna l Region 2Joe l Region 3Jim l Region 4Kristi Region 5Nolan l Region 6Kim l Region 7-10 Marko Delimar & l Region 7-10John l Student MemberKrenar Komoni Student MemberAisha Yousuf

17 STEP 2. Decide on Topics (~ 2 or 3) and Inform SPAC Coordinator l Example Topics l Industry Life as Told by a Survivor l Grad School vs School of Life l Multitalented: The Swiss Army Engineer l Pros and Cons of Large vs Small Companies l Consulting - Is it for Me? l Others

18 STEP 3. Review List of Potential Speakers - Seek Approval from SPAC Coordinator To Invite mittees/spac/speaker_topic.asp

19 STEP 4. Fill out the Budget Sheet and send it to your SPAC Coordinator mittees/spac/files/NEW_spac_Plan Guide_rev2.xls

20 STEP 4. Fill out the Budget Sheet and send it to your SPAC Coordinator (contd) mittees/spac/files/NEW_spac_Plan Guide_rev2.xls

21 S-PAC/S-PAVe Budget Considerations Potential Income Sources l Ticket Sales l Industry Donation l University l IEEE Local Section/Region l IEEE Societies/Chapters Minimize Expenditures l Forego spending on elaborate meals and refreshments l No need for catering halls (large classrooms are fine) Note that the SPAC Committee will pay for the approved National Speakers travel expenses, and are off-budget to the students planning process

22 STEP 5. Publicize the event STEP 6. Prepare for event STEP 7. After event, collect feedback from attendees and submit S- PAC Final Report to your Coordinator STEP 8. Document lessons learned for the next S-PAC Remaining Steps for Organizing the S-PAC or S-PAVe

23 Challenges for Regions/Sections l Proactively promote Student- Professional Awareness Activities l Help identify good local speakers l Take the time to contact your Regional SPAC Coordinator l Encourage joint professional awareness activities l Support student events Visit ac/


25 Questions? Erin Hogbin Student Professional Awareness Committee Chair

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