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Electronic Books Whats in a Name? Are We Really Talking About Books?

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1 Electronic Books Whats in a Name? Are We Really Talking About Books?

2 Characteristics of a traditional book * A physical object * Used by one person at a time * Requires no assisting technology * Linear presentation * Text and static illustration * Published commercially * Purchased or borrowed * Preserved in a library * Used independently outside the classroom

3 Characteristics of an Electronic Book * A digital file * Used by many individuals at one time * Requires multiple technologies * Linear and matrix organization * Multimedia content with text and graphics * Published commercially and privately * Licensed * Preservation undetermined * Used interactively in the classroom and at distance

4 Digital File Requires reliable storage Needs network access Requires access rights security Must be preserved If altered, requires preservation of the previous version Needs persistent format standards for ubiquitous access

5 Used by Many Individuals at One Time Rights for multiple concurrent use Rights for individuals without location restrictions Timeframe access Persistence access

6 Requires Multiple Technologies A network to access the content service A computer to download the content A viewer to make the content portable A printer to transform the content An Internet connection to maximize and utilize the content

7 Linear and Matrix Organization Links within the electronic book Links to external resources (other ebooks, websites) Enhanced illustrations Embedded multimedia files Assessment tools Interactive communications (with authors, instructors)

8 Multimedia Content With Text and Graphics Animations, simulations Digital video Adaptive views (text enhancement, audio) Links to multimedia outside the book Multimedia as extractable learning objects

9 Published Commercially and Privately Commercial publication of print and electronic from a single for-profit publisher Collections with aggregators with fluctuating rights Inexpensive self-publishing tools

10 Licensed Rights to access are time sensitive Files remain with the publisher Content can be time stamped with access rights that expire

11 Preservation Undetermined Formats not yet standardized Require display display devices that age Preservation responsibilities not defined File content stays with the for-profit publisher

12 Used Interactively in the Classroom and at Distance Available via the campus network Easily selected and isolated components (learning objects) A vehicle for assessment and communications Integral to class assignments Linked to additional resources Capable of customization and annotation

13 University Areas of Concern Libraries Bookstores Network capacity Security – Access (rights compliance) Course Packs Class presentation content Distance education Online courses Faculty orientation

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