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TARDis Update Jessie Hey eFAIR Cluster meeting Southampton Oceanography Centre 21/03/03.

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1 TARDis Update Jessie Hey eFAIR Cluster meeting Southampton Oceanography Centre 21/03/03

2 Key TARDis people Project Director – Sheila Corrall Project Manager – Pauline Simpson Researchers – Jessie Hey (Advocacy) Chris Gutteridge (Software) Admin – Natasha Lucas Internal Steering Group Sheila Corrall (Director Academic Services) Mark Brown (Library) Les Carr (Electronics and Computer Science) Peter Hancock (Research Support Services ISS )

3 A reminder of focus Targeting Academic Research for Deposit and Disclosure Towards a Sustainable e-Print service for Southampton research Multidisciplinary collections with views for communities Extended model with mediated deposit Input to design of the software to match institutional repositories needs Presentations and documents at

4 Time of preparatory work with departments, software and library Looking at departmental practice – environmental assessment Modifying aspects of software relevant to working on a broader front –Incorporating good library practice –Involving HCI lecturer e.g. Submission process Publication types Format of output Involving other librarians – e.g. workshop last week

5 Examples of current departmental web site publication data at Southampton

6 Some other observations – how can we best complement their practice? Astronomy importing data from arXiv Economics feed into RePEc Physicists may search SPIRES library database linked to arXiv (recent survey results) School of Health Professions is example of clear, well organised publications listing for staff but no full text Many demands for publications listings in a variety of formats

7 Copyright concerns Raising awareness of key issues RoMEO – publisher copyright policies and self-archiving table found useful to both librarians and academics Academic Lawyer departmental library representative attended workshop

8 Refining publicity

9 Subject categorization work Following Geneva meeting in October Analysed repositories and their subject categorization practice Created Chart (see Subject categorization Discussions)Subject categorization Discussions Started discussion on new oai-eprints list Also extremely useful in reviewing other repositories – policies etc and clarifying our own service requirements

10 Next stage - Moving to pilot Practical improvements - testing processes with pilot departments Looking at incentives, services for different cultures and disciplines – e.g. opportunity to show enhanced data Mediation versus self archiving Advocacy material We value input from other cluster projects on these related issues

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