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NCEXTEND1 2007-2008 Grade 4 Writing

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1 NCEXTEND1 2007-2008 Grade 4 Writing

2 What Does it Look Like? Something like this... NCEXTEND1 2007-2008 Student Test BOOKLET Picture/Symbol Text Cards Manipulatives

3 How Does it Work? Assessor reads test item script to student Assessor presents materials/manipulatives Student responds to item or question Assessor 1 and Assessor 2 record student score

4 Student Items All items are based on the NC Standard Course of Study Extended Content Standards by grade level. All items are one-step questions that are scored as either correct or incorrect. Item sets will include Easy Items Medium Items Hard Items Most materials will be supplied by NCDPI

5 Grade 4 Writing There are a total of 7 mathematics items per grade. Each student is administered all 7 items.

6 Sample Writing Item Read the writing prompt to the student. Present student with the following pictures as the writing prompt is being read. NCDPI-provided Manipulatives for the prompt: Picture of boy (labeled Sam) Picture of girl (labeled Mary) Picture of monkeys Picture of elephants

7 Sample Writing Item Sample Grade 4 Prompt: The prompt may be read as many times as necessary. The writing prompt may be read before administering each item. Sam and Mary are in 4 th grade. Their class went on a field trip. They went to see animals at the zoo. Sams favorite animals were the monkeys. Marys favorite animals were the elephants. Sam and Mary had fun at the zoo.

8 Sample Writing Item Object/picture/word presentation Assessor 1 will position picture/word cards or object symbols in the following order: a. went to b. the zoo. c. The class Directions to student SAY: Put the cards in the correct order to make a complete sentence. Use every card.

9 Sample Writing Item Directions to student SAY: Sam and Mary went to the zoo to see their favorite animals. Write a sentence about your favorite animal. Student will produce a response (as appropriate to grade-level) The items for NCEXTEND1 were created to be as accessible as possible for all students. Accommodations may be made for individual students for presentation (attaching responses to students information board, etc.) or for responding if the accommodations are routinely used in the students classroom instruction.

10 NCEXTEND1 Eligibility Criteria To determine student participation in the NCEXTEND1, the following eligibility criteria must be met: The NCEXTEND1 Alternate Assessment is designed for students with disabilities who: Have a current IEP; Are enrolled in grades 3–8 or 10 according to the Student Information Management System (e.g., SIMS/NCWISE); Are instructed in the North Carolina Standard Course of Study Extended Content Standards in ALL assessed content areas; and Have a SIGNIFICANT COGNITIVE DISABILITY (i.e., exhibit severe and pervasive delays in ALL areas of conceptual, linguistic and academic development and also in adaptive behavior areas, such as communication, daily living skills and self-care).

11 NCEXTEND1 Eligibility Criteria (continued) The vast majority of students with disabilities do not have a significant cognitive disability. The NCEXTEND1 is NOT appropriate for students who: are being instructed in ANY OR ALL of the general grade-level content standards of the North Carolina Standard Course of Study; demonstrate delays only in academic achievement; demonstrate delays due primarily to behavioral issues; demonstrate delays only in selected areas of academic achievement; or if in high school, are pursuing a North Carolina high school diploma (including students enrolled in the Occupational Course of Study). The NCEXTEND1 Alternate Assessment is designed for students who have a severe intellectual disability; it is NOT designed for students who have a specific learning disability.

12 NCEXTEND1 Eligibility Criteria (Continued) The eligibility criteria for NCEXTEND1 are available for download at the following address: /policyoperations/ncextend1/ncextend1eligibilityc riteria20071212.pdf

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