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Accommodations Updates Carrie Perkis Division of Accountability Services March 9, 2011.

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1 Accommodations Updates Carrie Perkis Division of Accountability Services March 9, 2011

2 Accommodations Monitoring Visits 2010-11 2

3 Accommodations Monitoring Fall Visits 3 Three visits in January to monitor Fall EOC testing NCDPI response reports emailed to superintendents February 25, 2011 All three schools must submit plans for required action by April 15, 2011 Additional required actions to address observed issues before end of year; documentation must be submitted to NCDPI

4 Accommodations Monitoring Visit Response Reports Reports were sent directly to superintendents Some required actions necessitate involvement from multiple program areas (e.g., EC, Section 504, LEP) Scope is broader than testing alone 4

5 Accommodations Monitoring Spring Visits Visits in May/June to monitor Spring EOC, EOG, NCEXTEND2 testing Number of visits to be determined Training for NCDPI staff and RACs in the beginning of May 5

6 Questions? Comments? Concerns? Suggestions? 6 6

7 Entry of Accommodations Data into Accommodations Management Systems 7

8 Accommodations Management Systems Testing accommodations data entered into: CECAS,* NC WISE, or LEA-approved third-party application All accommodations per plan type must be entered into one system across the LEA* (e.g., IEPs in CECAS, Section 504 Plans in NC WISE) *see next slide for more CECAS information 8

9 Accommodations Management Systems – CECAS Changes January 18, 2011 memo from EC – IEP accommodations must be entered into CECAS Transition process – as IEPs are revisited (e.g., annual review), enter all accommodations data into CECAS All IEP accommodations must be in CECAS by January 18, 2012 (one year from memo) NCDPI will assume LEAs are in transition 9

10 Accommodations Data Collection Schedule 10 DatePurpose of Data Collection March 1* Discrepancy reporting for Writing Assessment at Grade 10* and ACCESS testing; pre-population of Spring EOC, EOG, NCEXTEND2, NCEXTEND1 test orders April 1 Discrepancy reporting for NCEXTEND1 testing; confirmation of Spring EOC, EOG, NCEXTEND2, NCEXTEND1 test orders May 2 Desk monitoring of accommodations FDS Discrepancy reporting for Spring EOC, EOG, NCEXTEND2 testing June 1 Desk monitoring of accommodations July 1 Desk monitoring of accommodations * March 8 accommodations data pull to be used for Writing Grade 10 discrepancy report (see TNN posted on 3/9/11)

11 Questions? Comments? Concerns? Suggestions? 11

12 Accommodations Ordering 12

13 Accommodations Ordering TNN ordering system is utilizing combined accommodations data Pre-populates quantities for large print, one item per page, and Braille tests Test coordinators may adjust orders if needed Additional orders will require input of student information 13

14 Accommodations Ordering Spring EOC orders pre-populated when TNN ordering page opens on February 14 Spring EOG and NCEXTEND2 orders pre- populated when page opens on March 2 Writing and ACCESS for ELLs must be ordered Quantities may be adjusted by TCs System will update quantities on April 2 –If orders have been adjusted manually by TCs, no system update will occur 14

15 Questions? Comments? Concerns? Suggestions? 15

16 Accommodations Reports 16

17 Types of Accommodations Reports 1.Status Viewer third-party report 2.Status Viewer combined report 3.Accommodations discrepancy report 17

18 Status Viewer Accommodations Reports Are currently available Two views: –Third party file submission –Combined data sources Process guide document – TNN 2/18/11 ea/status_viewer.cgi ea/status_viewer.cgi

19 Third-Party Accommodations File Report Report named 2011-CUR-ACCOMTP Only available to those LEAs who submit third-party accommodations data files Primarily a format check –Also includes counts by school

20 Combined Data Sources Accommodations Report Report named 2011-CUR-ACCOM Available to all LEAs Combines accommodations data from CECAS, NC WISE, and third-party files

21 Combined Data Sources Accommodations Report, contd Checks data sources against each other Applies business rules to the data Includes more detailed errors and warnings List/description of errors and warnings in the process guide

22 Updating Data for Accommodations Reports Follow procedures in the process guide LEA TCs access the reports on the Status Viewer Staff across program areas (testing, EC, Section 504, LEP) are involved in the data correction process as needed 22

23 Updating Data for Accommodations Reports Update information related to warning/error in student plan (e.g., IEP) and in data system (NC WISE, CECAS, third-party) Changes made to records in NC WISE and CECAS reflected in reports next business day Updated third-party files may be uploaded to NCDPI as often as needed; takes 15-30 minutes following upload to regenerate reports 23

24 Accommodations Discrepancy Reports Reports will be available following spring testing and data verification Types of discrepancies in report –Required accommodations do not match provided accommodations –Accommodation provided that invalidates results of test 24

25 Accommodations Discrepancy Reports LEAs will have opportunity to provide an explanation for discrepancies that are not true discrepancies (e.g., discrepancy due to data available on the date of data pull) Specifics regarding discrepancy report details are currently being determined 25

26 Questions? Comments? Concerns? Suggestions? 26

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