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What is HathiTrust and How Can it Make a Difference? Sourcing and Scaling brought to the collective collection.

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1 What is HathiTrust and How Can it Make a Difference? Sourcing and Scaling brought to the collective collection

2 What is HathiTrust?

3 HathiTrust is attempting nothing short of creating a comprehensive repository of published literature, primarily though not exclusively through digitization.



6 Language Distribution (1) * All data was current as of March 20

7 Language Distribution (2) The next 40 languages make up ~13% of total

8 Publication Date

9 Originating Institution

10 Content over time

11 HathiTrust is about collections, writ large, and not about Google digitization.

12 The first order of HathiTrust business is long-term preservation of this digital content, and we dont believe in preservation without access.

13 HathiTrust takes the business of sustainability seriously, with regard to governance, finances and technology.

14 The HathiTrust Business Model, v.1: Depositor Pays

15 all of the reasonable costs of sustaining the archive including replacement costs and a sort of insurance policy are combined to create a sort of atomic cost unit (in this case, a GB of content)

16 What are all of the reasonable costs of sustaining the archive?

17 How much does it cost?

18 e-Commerce Print on Demand Content Ingest Transformation Validation Content Access PageTurner Collection Builder Large-scale Search Bibliographic Catalog Research Center APIs Quality Assurance Quality Review Content Certification User Services Usability User support (helpdesk) Outreach Project website Monthly newsletter Papers and presentations Communication with potential partners Surveys, general inquiries Repository evaluation and audit (e.g., DRAMBORA, TRAC) Legal Risk management (use of materials) Partner agreements Advocacy Governance Budget, Finances Decision-making Policy Planning Enterprise Management Communication and Coordination with partner institutions Project management Repository Administration Hardware configuration and maintenance Web and application server configuration and maintenance Security Permissions Logging Repository Administration Data management (content storage, backup, integrity checks, deletion) Hardware selection and replacement Content and Metadata specifications Disaster Recovery Processes for ensuring content integrity Rights Management Copyright determination Copyright review Copyright information management (database) Rightsholder permissions Bibliographic Data Management Entity description (record-level) Object identification (item-level) Data availability Collection Development Digital Expansion beyond books and journals (born-digital, images and maps, audio) Selection of content (for non- Google volume ingest and pilots projects) Print Cloud Library (effect of digital on print) Financial contributions of partners HathiTrust Functional Framework

19 What is the cost of this atomic unit, the GB, and how does that relate to the content were storing?

20 What are replacement costs and an insurance policy?

21 High cost is off-set by large benefit

22 Collective collections have their benefits

23 The HathiTrust Business Model, v.2: Costs based on holdings overlap and the perceived benefits we derive

24 an ARL institution that wishes to use HathiTrust as part of a larger strategy part of a cloud strategy

25 new cost model:

26 For public domain volumes: (PD*X*C)/N For a given in­copyright volume: IC=(C*X)/H

27 sharing in the curation; having a voice in shaping the future

28 But how can HathiTrust make a difference??? (x3)

29 Collective digital curation driving down costs reducing bibliographic indeterminacy making meaningful decisions about formats and quality increasing discoverability consolidating development talent improving strength of archiving

30 Collective print curation a means by which to associate all of our holdings of print perform record-keeping in a coordinated way

31 Subsidiary benefits improve description quantify problems exerting collective attention to solving problems

32 scale!

33 transfer resource[s] away from 'infrastructure' and towards user engagement. Lorcan Dempsey

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