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Gov.MilitaryRandom Architecture and Tech. Emperors 10 20 30 40 50.

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2 Gov.MilitaryRandom Architecture and Tech. Emperors 10 20 30 40 50

3 Government- 10 What are the twelve tables?

4 Government – 10 Laws set by the Romans which were carved into stone tablets. This was the basis for Roman law

5 Government- 20 What is a Republic? Why did Rome set up a Republic?

6 government– 20 A republic is a government system which people vote for their leaders. Romans were tired of being ruled by harsh tyrants.

7 Government- 30 What caused the fall of the Republic?

8 Government– 30 The expansion of territory and increasing of wealth led to leaders rising up and breaking up the republic

9 Government- 40 Who made Rome an Empire and how did he?

10 Government– 40 A man named Octavian broke up the second Triumvirate and took absolute power. He later changed his name to Augustus

11 Government- 50 What group commanded and directed the government?

12 Government– 50 The Consul

13 Military- 10 What was the name of the Roman formation?

14 Military– 10 Roman Legion

15 Military- 20 Who was required to participate in the army?

16 Military– 20 All citizens who own land

17 Military- 30 How long did Government officials have to serve?

18 Military– 30 10 years

19 Military- 40 How were conquered people treated?

20 Military– 40 Conquered people were treated as equals

21 Military- 50 What happened in the Punic Wars?

22 Military– 50 1 st – Rome gained Western Mediterranean 2 nd – Hannibal wanted revenge on Rome, and burned the country side but is barely defeated 3 rd – Rome laid siege to Carthage and burned it

23 Random- 10 Who were the Patricians and Plebeians?

24 Random– 10 The Plebeians were the common people, while the Patricians held power and were “the people”

25 Random- 20 List three groups of people that occupied ancient Italy

26 Random– 20 The Etruscans, Greeks, and Latins

27 Random- 30 Describe the role of the Gracchi brothers?

28 Random– 30 The Gracchi brothers tried to help the Plebeians and were hated for doing so. A civil war started after the death of the brothers.

29 Random- 40 What was the Pax Romana

30 Random– 40 A peaceful time period

31 Random-50 Why was Rome thought to be the “Perfect” location?

32 Random– 50 Rome was close to the Mediterranean coast, and the Tiber River, both good for importing items and trade. Rome was also surrounded by high steep hills to alert Romans of intruders.

33 Architecture and Tech- 10 What were used to transport water?

34 Answer 4 – 10 Aqueducts

35 Architecture and Tech- 20 How did the Romans make land transportation easier?

36 Architecture and Tech– 20 The Romans built a vast network of roads from stone expanding for over 53,000 miles

37 Architecture and Tech- 30 What was the Pantheon?

38 Architecture and Tech– 30 The Pantheon was a temple to all Roman gods

39 Architecture and Tech- 40 What were all of the of uses the Colosseum?

40 Architecture and Tech– 40 Sports Arena Naval battle scenes Fights Plays Entertainment

41 Architecture and Tech- 50 What was the Circus Maximus?

42 Architecture and Tech– 50 A race track for chariot racing that could hold up to 500, 000 people

43 Emperors- 10 Who was one of the worst emperors in Rome’s history?

44 Emperors– 10 Nero, a cruel leader who owned an enormous golden palace and famous for “fiddling” while Rome burned

45 Emperors- 20 How did Diocletian affect Rome?

46 Answer 5 – 20 Diocletian split the Roman Empire in half, the Western and Eastern Roman Empire

47 Emperors- 30 How did Constantine affect the Roman Empire?

48 Answer 5 – 30 Constantine moved the Eastern Roman Empire capital to Constantinople, and also was the first Christian Roman Emperor

49 Emperors- 40 What reforms did Julius Caesar create?

50 Emperors– 40 Julius Caesar extended citizenship to conquered people, increased the number of Senators for the new citizens, and increased the pay for soldiers

51 Emperors- 50 What reforms did Octavian create?

52 Emperors– 50 Octavian created a single coinage for the entire empire, ordered massive structures to be built throughout the empire, and only allowed qualified people to work in the government.

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