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Topics: Basic Defense –Free Ball –Power Hit –Offside Hit Basic Offense –Power –Middle.

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1 Topics: Basic Defense –Free Ball –Power Hit –Offside Hit Basic Offense –Power –Middle





6 Projected Positions: These are not final positions; however based on the 4 tryouts, 3 practice and one game against JL, this is our current understanding.

7 Court Positions: Power –Katie –Katelyn –Randi –Ocean –Tristan –Samadhi –Sam –Sydney –Bailey –Power hitter: Attacker who spikes the ball over the net from the front left or right position. Also blocks spikes from the other team.

8 Keys to attack: Power Always watch the ball come off the setters hands. Be ready for a tempo #2 set. Always be ready to hit from hitting positions –Back out beyond the attack line. –Once you see the ball attack quickly. –Always go through the motion whether the ball is set to you or not. Hit hard with top spin. –Contact ball with middle finger splitting the ball in half Contact point between 12:30 to 1:30 –With the ball in-front of your shoulder See attacking document on webpage

9 Key to block: Defence See Blocking document on website. Call FREE BALLS You are a part of the double block when the hit if from your side of the court. –Follow the ball from the setter and the attackers movement. –When blocking angle the ball back towards the middle of their court. –Do EVERYTHING possible to slow the ball up to protect your teammates. You do not allow players to hit through you. If you are not in the double block you are responsible for tips. –See court coverage diagram at the end of ppt.

10 Court Positions: Middle Front Middle Blocker / Attacker: –Ocean –Taylor –Emily –Amanda –Reagan –Kateyln –Middle blocker: Defensive specialist who assists the other two front-row players in blocking all shots from the opposing team. Also spikes ball from the middle of the court with quick hit (tempo #1).

11 Quick Hit: Offence Always watch the ball –Watch ball from pass to setter to predict best path for attack. Be ready for quick hit. –Call to your setter “quick middle”, “quick back” or “slide” –Hit ball at TEMPO #1 –Once you call it be there. In air when setter releases the ball. –Once you see the ball attack quickly. –Hit down, hit hard and win the battle at the net. Hit hard (very hard) with top spin. –If the set is not there and you can NOT hit the ball hard a tip or push to the back court are your options. Contact point in middle position between 12:30 to 2:00

12 Blocking: 1 on 1 vs. the middle hit. –Do not loose this battle. –Follow the ball and watch the attackers movement. –Angle the ball back towards the middle of their court. –Do EVERYTHING possible to slow the ball up to protect your teammates. –Call FREE BALLS 2 on 1 Blocking –You will get help on both sides. –Middle blockers get to the sides quickly. –Watch the attacker, keep eyes open and angle to middle. –Call FREE BALLS See court coverage diagram at the end of ppt.

13 Court Position: Libero: –Samadhi –Sam –Katelyn –Tristan –Bailey –Kayleigh Libero: Back-row defensive specialist who has fast reaction time and is an excellent passer. Specializes in receiving serves and attacks by bumping or digging the ball. Wears a different colored jersey, does not serve or block, and can substitute unlimited times in and out of the back row without waiting for the referee’s approval.

14 Libero back Court Hits: Offence Back court hitting –Overhand, with tops spin to the back corners. –Contact point between 11:30 – 12:00 with topspin –Remember your feet can not leave ground if you are beyond the attack line. Put the ball where the other team is not If bad set or chaos –NO EASY passes back to the other team. –Back corners and deep

15 Libero: Defence Center of court only 2m from back line. –See defensive schemes document. Be very lower. Be in ready position and prepared to dive either direction. Be LOUD. –You are the leader when it comes to the back court defensive. –You should get the majority of the balls Call for help ASAP if you know you are not getting to the ball effectively. Call FREE BALL LOUD LOUD LOUD!

16 Court Positions: Setters: –Kayleigh –Sydney –Amanda –Josalyn –Sam –Samadhi –Setter: Passing specialist who usually hits the second ball of the rally to set up a spike for a teammate. The setter is always close to the net, faces the left sideline, and can set the ball forward or backward to the hitter that is ready to attack.

17 Setting keys to success: Offence Setter gets second ball!!!! Tempo #1 (Middle Quick Hit): –8 - 10 feet max ball height –Ball 1 to 3 feet off net –Listen to Middle for position of hit Tempo #2: (Power or Outside) –15 – 20 feet of max height –Keep hitters in rhythm –Ball 3 to 5 feet off net Tempo #3: (Isolation or Backcourt hitting) –Back court hit, power hit or Outside hit isolation formation. –20 – 25 feet of max height –Ball 3 to 5 feet off net for front court isolation hit –Ball 1 to 2 feet in front of attack line for back court attack

18 Key to success: Defence 2 vs. 1 block –You will join the double block if the hit is from your side of the court. –Your goal is to shut down the “down the line” hit from the opponents left side. –Call “FREE BALL” Tipper ball –You will be responsible for the tips if attack is from the outside hitter. See the court coverage page at the back of the ppt.

19 Team Strategies: Offence Get serves in with tops spin –Start 5 feet above net. –Once you get comfortable start lowing the above net height. Call the ball –Setter has second ball unless stated otherwise. Always get to attack positions. Always talk on the court. The court should breath.

20 Team Strategies: Defence Double Block for ALL outside hits Libero ALWAYS in back center of court for attacks. Get low, stay OPEN to the setter. Nice Passes = Big Hits. Call the ball Call it when it’s out!

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